Toolhub/Progress reports/2021-07-23

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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2021-07-23.

List supportEdit

Tracked in Phabricator:
task T271386

The UI for list creation has been merged.

Application hardeningEdit

A few patches have been merged which are intended to harden the application in preparation for its initial production deployment:

Reusable UI componentsEdit

Several UI components have been moved from components/tools to components/common to signal that they are suitable for reuse in other parts of the UI:

  • CommentDialog - a popup for collecting a comment to go along with an edit activity
  • CommonsImage - a display widget for a File: namespace URL from commons
  • InputWidget - schema driven form input item
  • ScrollTop - Floating "scroll to top" button

End-user documentationEdit

Bryan met with Sarah R this week to discuss end-user documentation needs for Toolhub. They reviewed an outline of documentation topics and discussed next steps. Work will begin on those steps in the coming week. The general plan is to repurpose the Toolhub landing page on metawiki to be less about the history of the project and more of a general landing page for all Toolhub related topics. That page and new sub-pages will be created to document things like advanced use of search, how to create a toolinfo record as a json file or via the UI, and various patrolling workflows. The initial goal is not to completely document everything, but instead to concentrate on some of the core workflows and suggest structure for the community to grow documentation as needed.

Some early feedback from communityEdit

Last week Bryan posted a progress update on the Create an authoritative and well promoted catalog of Wikimedia tools seed task. This seems to have been noticed by some folks in the community! There have been several users trying out the demo server at and discussion about their experiences on the English Wikimedia Community Discord as well as a few bug reports in Phabricator. The discussions that Bryan saw on Discord were largely positive initial impressions which was an encouraging thing to see. Harej was an active participant and was able to point folks to many documents he and others created to help explain some of our design choices.

Wrap upEdit

Wikimania starts in three weeks! There are still quite a few tasks to complete to allow a production deployment by then. Bryan is not 100% confident that they will all be completed in time for a 2021-08-12 production deployment, but will keep working with that goal in mind. If we are not able to deploy by that date we should at least know why and be able to make better informed guesses about how much longer the process will take.

Srishti, Seve, and others are planning a number of community outreach sessions to collect feedback on the next major work planned for Toolhub beyond its launch, "quality signals". Some of these sessions are hoped to run during Wikimania. Follow along on the planning page if you are interested in learning more or participating.