Survey Support Desk

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To find surveys in the movement, check Category:Surveys.

The Global Data & Insights team can be contacted via if you have a request for survey tooling support.

The Survey Support Desk
for Wikimedia Foundation staff, Wikimedia affiliates, and volunteers


Online resources for surveysEdit

Find the latest resources in the Wikimedia movement to design the best survey.

General AdministrationEdit

Quick Links for survey management:

Survey LearningEdit

This is a great resource if you are just starting to write your own surveys

Other resourcesEdit

  • Doing a research project and need additional funding? You can get support from Wikimedia Foundation Grants.
  • Don't like using Google forms? You can request a Qualtrics account. You need to have a clear purpose for using Qualtrics. Don't like Qualtrics too? Check LimeSurvey. See below for more information.

Direct support for surveysEdit

Quick Survey SupportEdit

  • Getting credentials in the WMF-LimeSurvey (Free/Libre) or get a Qualtrics account (proprietary)
  • Ask for support with survey software
  • Have your survey reviewed by an expert
  • Any fast question about surveys

Survey ConsultsEdit

  • One-time consultations for your survey
  • In-depth question development and support
  • Analysis guidance

For more in-depth support and guidance, make sure to give at least 4 weeks of advanced notice!

Find people with survey experience!Edit