Movement Strategy/Priority initiatives

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Some of the Movement Strategy initiatives are sometimes combined in "clusters" (groups) with names like "Cluster H". This means that those initiatives, during Global Conversations in November 2020, were identified as priorities for global coordination (priorities that need to be implemented in coordination across the Wikimedia Movement). An example of these would be the Movement Charter, which obviously requires an implementation through a wide consultation with the different Wikimedia communities and stakeholders.

Initiatives prioritized for global coordination.

Regional prioritiesEdit

Back in 2020, Ccmmunities and affiliates also took liberty to identify their own priority initiatives that are not necessarily the same as the priorities for global coordination. Over 50 affiliates and community groups met between October and November 2020 to identify those priorities. You can browse them by clicking on the affiliate's region or name in the map below.

Past discussionsEdit

Between December 2020 to February 2021, the priority initiatives were discussed on Meta. You can access the archived discussions, and their documentation, using the links below.

Additionally, the Movement Strategy Support Team organized a series of events on January to February 2021 to discuss the priority initiative clusters in more depth. There is a report of the priority initiative discussion events, with summaries and rich details of those conversations.

Cluster A - 22. Movement Charter + 23. Interim Global Council + 24. Global Council Cluster E - 2. Funding for underrepresented communities
Cluster B - 9. Improve the Wikimedia platform UX + 11. Resources for newcomers Cluster F - 3. Increased awareness about the Wikimedia Movement
Cluster C - 31-33: Invest in Skills and Leadership Development Cluster G - 8. Align with environmental sustainability initiatives
Cluster D - 25. Regional & thematic hubs Cluster H - 36-38: Identify Topics for Impact

Recommendation discussionsEdit

Before the priority initiatives were selected, there were discussion spaces on Meta to help prioritize initiatives from all recommendations. You can access those archived discussions using the hidden table below. These spaces were also used until December 4th 2020, after which they were replaced by the priority initiative discussion spaces linked above.