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This is an open discussion space to help identify concrete steps and actions required to implement the Movement Strategy global priorities. The global priorities were identified by communities and affiliates and at the November Global Conversations and until early 2021. This page, including its formatting and any subpages, are open for direct editing and improvement (or suggestions for improvement) by any contributor.

Initiatives (and initiative groupings) that will be discussed during the Movement Strategy Global Conversations and follow-up events in January-February 2021.

Discuss the top initiativesEdit

We are continuing discussions from the December Global Conversations on how to implement the prioritized initiatives across the Wikimedia movement. Below are pages with details for each of these initiatives (or clusters/groupings of a few related initiatives), where everyone is invited to share thoughts on where we want to be in 18 months from now and what steps are required to get us there:

Cluster A - 22. Movement Charter + 23. Interim Global Council + 24. Global Council Cluster E - 2. Funding for underrepresented communities
Cluster B - 9. Improve the Wikimedia platform UX + 11. Resources for newcomers Cluster F - 3. Increased awareness about the Wikimedia Movement
Cluster C - 31-33: Invest in Skills and Leadership Development Cluster G - 8. Align with environmental sustainability initiatives
Cluster D - 25. Regional & thematic hubs Cluster H - 36-38: Identify Topics for Impact

How to use the discussion spaces?Edit

  • Learn: There is a dedicated page for each prioritized initiative (or initiative grouping) discussed during the December Global Conversations. You can use this page to learn more about the discussions that already happened. There are text and video summaries as presented by the groups, as well as the raw data in the etherpads.
  • Discuss: Please use the talk page for each initiative (or initiative grouping) to answer the questions posed during the events - What are the immediate steps we need to take to implement this initiative?. Conversations around these questions will continue on Meta and during focused follow-up discussions in January to create an implementation plan for 2021-22.
  • Sign up: If you or your group are interested in being part of the implementation discussions for a certain initiative, leave your signature in the designated area. You will be pinged or contacted for next steps towards implementation, starting with follow-up discussions.


Previous discussionsEdit

Below are links to discussion spaces for all of the initiatives from the Movement Strategy discussions. The initiatives were prioritized by groups, communities, and affiliates, and later during the November Global Conversations. These spaces were also used until December 4th for discussions on Meta. After the December Global Conversations, these spaces were replaced by the top initiative discussion spaces linked above.

Regional prioritiesEdit