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  • Personal info: (English)
    Hello, everyone. I'm rxy (formerly known as Hosiryuhosi). This is my second run for steward election (First is 2016).

    I joinned to Japanese Wikipedia in 2008, and I'm active sysop at Japanese Wikipedia. In addition to this, I joined to SWMT in 2010, then I appointed as the global-sysop in Dec 2011. However, I resigned that for busy in real world in Oct 2014. After that, I returned at Japanese Wikipedia as temporary sysop for suppressed massive vandalism (log) in Jan 2016. With this, I returned as SWMT member and global sysop too.

    Previously, I served as bureaucrat in Japanese Wikipedia, and served as sysop in meta and wikidata.

    In related with SWMT, I am one of the CVN staff, I manage CVNBots and IRC channels. This bots is used in SWMT.

    In the last year, I suppressed massive open proxy attacks at Russian wiktionary (History of wikt:ru:MediaWiki:Titleblacklist / block logs). If I had a steward permissions, I can able to global block quickly for those open proxies in this case.

    Thank you for reading my statement.
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