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BlackBeast (Samuel Cirilo) edit

This candidate signed the confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information.
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  • Personal info: (English)
    Hello, my name is Samuel Cirilo, also known as BlackBeast. I would like to serve you as Steward. First time I dare to posit here, because I regard it as a serious liability. Here my proof of eligibility.

    My career as wikipedian begins in March 2007, when I record the account but have little activity. However, shortly, whe I star to meet community and its policies, I become fond of with the project. Since 2011 I am Sysop and bureaucrat in the Spanish Wikipedia.

    Although my activity in the global manteinance is not very high, I'm fast learning and strive to meet the requirements and responsibilities of this tool. I'm running because I want to involve more in the project, given my support wiht tools available to it. You can contact by IRC, e-mail, even in my talk page, since I am constantly active in projects.

    In Wikipedia in Spanish, constantly attend requirements and requests as soon as possible. So participate in SRG, SRP and SRCU, would be a priority to me. I usually attend complicated cases, always looking for ways to remain calm and allowing the fellowship is maintained. I completely agree with Stewards policy. I like to find how we can improve, so I am willing to work together in several activities. Any questions you have, let me know. Thanks for the opportunity.- 我叫 BlackBeast Do you need something? 你问问什么? 04:25, 18 January 2016 (UTC)
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