Steward clerks are a group of volunteers who assist the stewards on providing assistance to users affected by global proxy blocks.

Role and responsibilities


Steward clerks are responsible for assisting stewards by:

  • Responding to tickets on VRT queues (and in the near future, UTRS queues as well) dedicated for global proxy blocks. Each ticket must be reviewed by a steward prior to being sent to the proxy queue. Based on existing policies and the guidance of the stewards, clerks will assist with processing tickets and advise users on the available options to continue editing.
  • Clerking at Steward requests/Global permissions in relation to global IP block exemption requests.

Clerks shall:

  • Remain active and compliant with on-wiki policies and steward guidance
  • Have a solid understanding of the basics of proxies (types, usage, detection, etc.)
  • Not have the authority to take on-wiki actions in their capacity as a clerk
  • Not represent themselves as stewards
  • Provide outbound responses to concerned parties only related to the global proxy blocks affecting them
  • Be provided a means by which to communicate with stewards and other clerks securely and confidentially
  • Not share details relating to any ticket they have observed in the proxy queue with any individual who is neither a steward nor a steward clerk
  • Observe and follow all relevant local policies

Current clerks


Project coordination


Project coordinators are responsible for the onboarding, training of clerks, and ensuring policy compliance. Stewards may volunteer to assist with the program as additional project coordinators on an as-needed basis. The current project coordinators are:



Applicants shall meet the following requirements:

  • Have remained in good standing with all Wikimedia communities for the past 6 to 12 months
  • Signed or willing to sign the ANPDP and the VRT confidentiality agreement
  • Been active for a period of 3-6 months
  • Have a positive record of reporting actionable concerns (Steward requests/Global or other steward related venue) and remain in good standing with the stewards internally
  • Willing to use off-wiki communication methods to communicate about this program

Please note, signing of ANPDP and the VRT confidentiality agreement is a requirement. You will not be added to the project until this is completed.

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