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Svrha QW2021 - Queering Wikipedia 2021. radnih dana korisničke grupe biti će razviti unutarnju organizaciju, strukture i operativne akcije LGBT+ korisničke grupe. Također ćemo imati vremena tjekom ovih dana razviti novine i planove za Queering Wikipedia konferenciju u 2022. godini (odgođenoj iz 2020. i 2021. zbog putnih restrikcija uzrokovanih COVID-19 pandemijom).

Ovi 'QW2021 Radni dani korisničke grupe' će biti organizirani preko Zoom aplikacije 14-16.5.2021. od 14:00 do 17:30 po UTC vremenu.


Wikimedia Austria ran the registration process. Participants could remain anonymous apart from those with administrative roles in the event. No private information is retained or shared with non-WMAT employees and will be deleted once the working days event is complete.


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The working days were divided over 3 calendar days. The focus of each day was:

  • User group development over the last decade. Role in the Wikimedia movement such as the UCoC and Global Council. Expectations for "membership" and decision-making.
  • Setting goals and recognizing issues. Agreeing on decision-making processes. Improving the leadership structure and how to appoint or elect representatives.
  • Planning for the coming 12 months. Queering Wikipedia 2022. Evaluation and learning points.

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The Working Days were held in English, with simultaneous interpretation into Spanish.

The documentation output from the Working Days will be translated into more languages, as requested once the event completes.

Organizing team

In the process of organizing multiple individuals took part in preparations during 2020 and 2021. With narrowing the focus and scope of activity the QW 2021 Coordinating Council was formed from few of previous and few new contributors in late February to deliver the event in April (moved to May).

Team User names
QW 2021 Coordinating Council , Jeffrey Keefer, RachelWex, OwenBlacker, DarwIn, Christoph, Pharos, Claudia.Garad (WMAT staff)
Finance Team , Jeffrey Keefer, RachelWex, OwenBlacker, Claudia.Garad (WMAT staff)
Project Management Team Jeffrey Keefer, RachelWex

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