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This page contains instructions for translators.

  • First priority target languages: German, French, Polish.
  • Second priority: Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Portugese, Spanish.
  • All translations are welcome so don't feel that if your language isn't listed it isn't welcome. It is!

Does your project have an active graphics editing community? If so, please let Brianna know and it will become a higher priority.

Are you willing to become a "language contact" for this project? It means people who speak your language can come to you with questions and ideas and for more information about the project. You will probably also distribute the announcements in the projects of those languages. If you are, please contact Brianna. Language contacts are listed on the main page.

Wiki pages to create

  • For all pages, put a link at the top something like "English original" (except pages which have major input or discussion).
  • Always put a sign representing currencies, e.g. "US$40" not just "$40".
  • For translating "illustration": in English this can sometimes include photographs and maps, but try to avoid suggesting photographs are included in this project: they're not. It may be better to translate like "diagram".
  • Note spelling: Greenspun not Greenspan.
  • Philip Greenspun illustration project - central page. Create it directly in the meta namespace, e.g. for French it should be Le projet illustratif de Philip Greenspun rather than Philip Greenspun illustration project/fr.
  • Create a subpage menu like Philip Greenspun illustration project/menu. If you haven't translated a page yet just keep it with a link to the English original still.



Please list on the English Outreach to what places you send announcements.

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