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The status of these stages is listed on the main page.

Review group is formed


Do you have some SVG & Wikimedia experience? Are you interested in helping evaluate the illustration submissions against the guidelines? If so, please contact Brianna.

List of illustration requests is created


Wikimedians can suggest pages or concepts that need an illustration. Requests should be added to Requests. Everyone can comment on each others' suggestions. The list that goes into each round will be finalised by Brianna based on community comments, image significance and existence or non-existence of related free content illustrations.

Rounds conducted


The request list for each round will be published ~ 4 days before the round opens. This will allow illustrators to consider the various requests and also replace any requests that the community belatedly finds are already filled (e.g. there is already an acceptable existing image). It will also allow for translations.

The request list will be entered into issue tracking software (such as Bugzilla, used by the MediaWiki developers). One "issue" = one "illustration request". See JIRA which lists the requests.

People will not be able to enter new requests, but they will be able to select particular requests for themselves, thereby signaling their intent to create that illustration. If they don't submit an illustration within a set time period (such as two weeks), the request will be re-opened and others will be able to select it.

Once they submit an illustration, the Review group will evaluate it against the Guidelines. If there are minor problems they will be negotiated with the illustrator to make the image acceptable. With major problems (for example, the image is found to be a copyright violation) the submission will be dismissed and the request will be re-opened for others to select.

Any single person will only be able to select a maximum of 3 requests at any given time. So some must be submitted and accepted before they can select any more.

Rounds evaluated


The success or otherwise of each round will be evaluated when it is complete, for example:

  • how many people took part?
  • how many new people were involved? (people new to Wikimedia, or Wikimedians new to illustrations)
  • how many requests were fulfilled?
  • what was the quality of the submissions like?
  • should any of the variables be changed? (total number of requests, time period of round, time period for each request, maximum requests per user)
  • feedback of participants and observers