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These are the guidelines to be used by the review group in evaluating submitted illustrations. Therefore illustrators should also use these guidelines when creating illustrations.

Three "deal breaker" guidelines:

  1. Must be the illustrator's original work, and the editor must release it under an acceptable free license as all content that's hosted on Wikimedia Commons is required to be.
    • The illustrator must list all sources or references used, and in most cases the illustrator will be expected to use references.
  2. The illustration must be accurate.
  3. File must render correctly on MediaWiki, the software used for all Wikimedia projects.
    • Compliant with the librsvg library.
    • Be careful with any filters, fonts, dashed lines and arrowheads, and patterns. No SVG animation is possible yet.

Other "strongly recommended" guidelines:

  • Use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) where possible for easy adaption.
    • SVG files should not contain any embedded bitmaps or raster images.
  • Create language neutral illustrations (for example numbered diagrams, rather than directly labelled with text).
    • Illustrators are strongly encouraged to create an alternate numbered version to go with any specific-language-labelled version. These should be properly named by adding the appropriate suffix to the same title as the numbered or non-labeled version. All language suffixes should use the ISO 639 standard language codes. (For example, add the suffix "-en.svg" for English versions, "-de.svg" for German ones, etc.)
  • Illustrations should be accessible to the vision impaired (e.g. colourblindness).
  • Files should not have any visible author or copyright "watermark".

More SVG suggestions and helpful information regarding rendering issues can be found here.

Specific standards and recommendations will be developed as the project progresses.