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This page lists existing publications and references (books, websites or CDs) that can be used to compare Wikimedia coverage and quality of topics that are able to be illustrated. For example children's encyclopedias, visual dictionaries, picture dictionaries.

If you know of similar works please list them below. If you have access to one or more of the works below, and are willing to do some comparisons (e.g. listing the illustrations in the book), please contact Brianna.


  • The Diagram Group (Diagram Visual Information Limited): UK-based publishers of many illustrated reference works. They also supply graphics to other publishers. Books, CDs, and web access.
    • Science diagrams: Animal Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environment, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Marine Science, Physics, Space and Astronomy, Weather and Climate


  • The Macmillan Visual Dictionary. pub. New York, 1992. 3,500 colour illustrations. ISBN 0-02-528160-7
    • Language: English (based on French original??)
    • Chapters: astronomy, geography, vegetable kingdom, animal kingdom, human being, farming, architecture, house, house furniture, gardening, do-it-yourself, clothing, personal adornment, personal articles, communications, road transport, rail transport, maritime transport, air transport, office supplies, office automation, music, creative leisure activities, team games, water sports, aerial sports, winter sports, equestrian sports, athletics, combat sports, leisure sports, indoor games, measuring devices, optical instruments, health and safety, energy, heavy machinery, weapons, symbols.
    • Access: Brianna
  • The Way Things Work. David Macaulay, 2004. ISBN 1405302380. Famous children's book.
    • Language: English
    • Chapters: the mechanics of movement, harnessing the elements, working with waves, electricity and automation, the digital domain.