Partnerships & Resource Development/Survey October 2015

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Partnerships & Resource Development: Survey October 2015

Please also check the results of this survey.

Dear Wikimedia friends,

Do you think partners and money are needed to achieve our mission as a movement? Do you feel that your Wikimedia organization has room for improvement and/or shared learnings in these areas? Then please complete this survey and help shape our collective advancement! Please think about who is the best person in your Wikimedia organization to fill out the survey.

As a follow-up to the inspiring conversations around fundraising and collective impact at the Wikimedia Conference 2015, Anne-Laure Prévost (Special advisor partnerships & institutional relationships at Wikimédia France), John Andersson (Project manager at Wikimedia Sverige) with consultation of the WMDE ZEN team (Christof Pins and Nikki Zeuner) developed this survey.

We would like to better understand experiences and needs among Wikimedia organizations around the issues of partnerships and fund development. We would like to know what expertise exists in our community, what types of challenges chapters face, and how we can work and learn together in the future. We would like to develop ways of supporting you in developing partnerships and looking for more external funds and, if you're interested, even work together in joint proposals.

To pre-view, you can find all questions also on Meta. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to fill in the survey. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to mail Cornelius Kibelka (Program and Engagement Coordinator for the Wikimedia Conference), who supports and accompanies the follow-up process of the Wikimedia Conference.

All answers will remain private and will not be shared, other than in aggregate form. The survey is open until November 6, 2015.

Many thanks for your participation!

Best regards Anne-Laure, John, Christof, Nikki and Cornelius

About your organizationEdit

  • What is the name of your organization?
  • When was it founded?
  • How many full-time equivalent employees (FTE) do you have?
  • What is the current annual budget of your organization?
  • Do you have a dedicated contact person in your organization who is in charge for partnerships/external fundraising?
    • yes, one
      • name + mail address
    • yes, several
      • name + mail address
      • name + mail address
      • name + mail address
    • no

Experiences with partnerships and grantsEdit

  • What types of fundraising/fund development does your organization engage in? (check all that apply)
    • None
    • Membership fees
    • Income tax deduction
    • Major gifts/corporate donations
    • Endowment
    • Grants from the Wikimedia Foundation
    • Grants from public institutions (government, EU)
    • Grants from private institutions (foundations, corporations)
    • Other: [text field]
  • Please add any learnings or experiences you would like to share with any of the fundraising activities you have checked above.
    • [text field]
  • What types of partnerships does your organization engage in? (please check all that apply)
    • None
    • Partnerships that generate content for WM projects
    • Partnerships that seek joint third-party funding
    • Partnerships that revolve around a specific project
    • Thematic networks
    • Collective Impact Initiatives (multi-partner, multi-year, systemic impact-oriented)
    • Advocacy partnerships
    • Other: [text field]
  • Please add any learnings or experiences you would like to share with any of the partnerships you have checked above. 
    • [text field] 

Needs and OpportunitiesEdit

  • What are your current main challenges with fundraising/fund development? (please check all that apply)
    • finding appropriate funding opportunities
    • finding partners for joint proposals
    • capacity (abilities and time) to complete proposals and applications
    • carrying through with funded activities
    • evaluation
    • sustainability
    • Other: [text field]
  • What are your current main challenges with partnerships? (please check all that apply)
    • finding appropriate partners
    • commitment and follow-through of partners
    • funding of joint projects
    • maintaining partnerships
    • my organization’s limited capacities (time etc)
    • Other: [text field]
  • As a movement, what is our main challenge when we deal with partners? 
    • [text field]
  • What, in your opinion, are the greatest opportunities/ benefits of partnerships
    • [text field]
  • What, in your opinion, are the greatest opportunities/ benefits of fundraising?
    • [text field]
  • Are there any Wikimedia movement resources you regard as useful for partnerships/fundraising?
    • [text field]
  • Which one the following ways of support you would appreciate the most to become more active and effective with fundraising and partnerships? (You can rate every option from "not at all helpful" to "extremely helpful". If you want to add suggestions or comment the other ones, please use the text field.) 
    • regular meetings
    • materials, tools and templates
    • list of open calls
    • mailing lists
    • training
    • joint work sessions
    • one-on-one mentoring or support
    • Other: [text field]


  • Is your organization planning to develop your fundraising or partnership activities the coming year? Please explain how
    • [textfield]
  • How would you like to work and learn with other movement entities on fundraising and partnerships? I am willing to: (please check all that apply)
    • share tools and templates
    • write learning patterns
    • share grant applications on-wiki
    • work on joint proposals with other Wikimedia organizations
    • help involve non-Wikimedia partners
    • attend work sessions and trainings
    • provide or help organize work sessions and trainings
    • Other possibilities or comments on the previous options
      • [text field]
  • Would you recommend us to send this survey to someone else in the Wikimedia movement who might be interested / or has experiences/expertise with partnerships and external fundraising?
    • [text field]

Thank you!Edit