Partnerships & Resource Development/Engage

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Call to Action!Edit

Based on the Partnerships Statement, we should take immediate action on the following items regarding partnerships and collaboration:

  1. Let’s make Phase 2 open-minded, participatory, and transparent, just like Phase 1. This is an opportunity to build trust in our movement, as well as to develop a collaborative mindset and working culture.
  2. Let’s thoroughly evaluate the current strengths and weaknesses of existing movement roles, processes and structures and co-create essential mechanisms that will enable the movement to move towards the 2030 Strategic Direction. And let’s continuously evaluate and further adapt these in the same transparent manner.
  3. Let’s make financial and organisational resources available that encourage collaboration among movement stakeholders and with partners.
  4. Let’s incentivize and resource peer-to-peer support and capacity building.
  5. Let’s co-create a shared knowledge, learning and evaluation framework around what makes partnerships work and what creates impacts for free knowledge.