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The group is a follow-up initiative of the Wikimedia Conference 2015

We are a network of people who are enthusiastic about building and strengthening our movement through partnerships. We believe that there still is great room for improvement in the collaboration among the Wikimedia movement entities. The same is true for partnerships with external partners – presently they often only occur in an ad-hoc, project-based manner, with little reflection on impact.

The Partnerships & Resource Development group started as an initiative by Wikimédia France, Wikimedia Sverige and Wikimedia Deutschland to foster the international work on partnerships and external fundraising among Wikimedia organizations. It was created to follow up on the productive and inspiring conversations at the Wikimedia Conference 2015 and the WMCON Follow-Up Day at Wikimania 2015.

Since 2015, the group has grown. We had our first partnerships meet-up in 2016, and met again in 2017, where we drafted the Partnerships Statement. You can find the documentation of our past events here.