Partnerships & Resource Development

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Partnerships & Resource Development

Partnerships, in our understanding, describe any individuals or groups of people working together towards a shared goal, or a joint vision, sometimes based on an agreed upon strategy or a stated collective impact. Such partnerships are happening within the Wikimedia movement – among affiliates, communities and committees – as well as with external partners such as institutions, organizations, foundations and businesses. A partnership may involve funding, sharing content, engaging in advocacy, shared outreach, or a combination of these. This definition is intentionally broad and inclusive.

In any case, setting up new partnerships requires resources; be it funds, knowledge, or working hours.

• Mutual learning on partnerships

The Partnerships and Resource Development page is an attempt to gather information and best practices to enable shared learning in the movement. Beyond that, the page documents the activities and exchanges in the Partnerships group.

• Finding and developing grant applications together

We hope that the Partnerships and Resource Development page will inspire you to develop projects together, across affiliates and communities, and help you find and develop grant applications together.

Some things to keep an eye onEdit