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Communications meetup at Wikimedia Conference 2017

The Movement communications group (MoveCom) is a mailing list for members of the Wikimedia movement engaged in communications efforts either with Wikimedia projects or movement affiliates.

The aim of the group is to support communications efforts and collaborations across the Wikimedia movement. This includes communication with the general public, the media, and the Wikimedia movement. The group's primary method of communication is its private mailing list.

The group is facilitated by the Communications Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department. The primary contact for the group within the Foundation's Communications department is Gregory Varnum (gvarnum(_AT_)


Participants in Wikimedia movement affiliates and Wikimedia activities who are interested in engaging in or supporting movement communications efforts are encouraged to be part of the group, and can request to be added to the mailing list.


Individuals interested in joining the mailing list may request to do so via Meta-Wiki.

If you require anonymity for personal safety reasons, please contact Gregory Varnum (gvarnum within the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications department. The Communications department will make a determination on your request in consultation with the Foundation's Trust and Safety team.

Requests to join requires agreeing to follow the Wikimedia Foundation's Friendly space policy. Decisions on all requests are made by the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department, who may seek input from the Communications Committee. In general, anyone interested will be able to join. However, an effort will be made to keep conversations productive and prevent individuals who are seeking to disrupt the group or harass its members from joining. We will also make an effort to retain the internal collaboration focus of the group by asking members of the media to instead join our public mailing lists as their presence may prevent some members from feeling comfortable sharing drafts or discussing ideas which are in early stages of development and not yet ready for media coverage.


All 153 members of the mailing list are identified here. Members requiring anonymity for safety related reasons will be listed as "Anonymous" along with their general affiliation.

Please do not add your name directly to this table. You must sign up using the membership form or you will not be added to the mailing list.

Nuværende medlemmer
Navn Affiliation Notes
Gregory Varnum [Varnent / GVarnum-WMF] Wikimedia Foundation List moderator and primary group contact from Wikimedia Foundation
Samir Elsharbaty [Selsharbaty (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Ed Erhart [The ed17 / Ed Erhart (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Blanca Flores [BFlores (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Lena Traer [LTraer (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Zachary McCune [ZMcCune (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Anusha Alikhan [AAlikhan (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Nadee Gunasena [NGunasena (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Brooke Camarda [BCamarda (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Antonino Hemmer [AHemmer (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Jove Oliver Minassian Media Wikimedia Foundation consultant
Craig Minassian Minassian Media Wikimedia Foundation consultant
Natalie Lee Minassian Media Wikimedia Foundation consultant
Yuri Perohanych [Perohanych] Wikimedia Ukraine
Seddon (WMF) / Seddon Wikimedia Foundation
Jimmy Wales [Jimbo Wales] Wikimedia Foundation
Filip Maljković [Dungodung] Wikimedia Serbia
Luke Faraone [LFaraone] English Wikipedia
David Gerard [David Gerard] English Wikipedia / Wikimedia UK
Srikeit English Wikipedia
Quiddity (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Kevin Li [L235] English Wikipedia
Johan Jönsson [Julle] Swedish Wikipedia / Wikimedia Foundation
Ziko van Dijk Wikimedia Nederland
Maurizio Codogno [.mau.] Wikimedia Italia Spokesperson for Wikimedia Italia
Frédéric Schütz Wikimedia CH
Lisa Dittmer (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland
Axel Pettersson (WMSE) Wikimedia Sverige
Anna Wikimedia Ukraine
Megs Wikimedia New York City
LiAnna Davis [LiAnna (Wiki Ed)] Wiki Education Foundation
Lilli Iliev Wikimedia Deutschland
Robert Fernandez Wikimedia District of Columbia
Pru Mitchell Wikimedia Australia
Cornelius Kibelka Wikimedia Deutschland
Farhad Fatkullin [frhdkazan] Wikimedia Russia / Wikimedians of Tatar language Community User Group
Ilario Valdelli [Ilario] Wikimedia CH
Raju Narisetti [NarisettiRaju] Wikimedia Foundation
Samat Wikimédia Magyarország
Virginia Díez (WMES) Communications Committee / Wikimedia España
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska Wikimedia Polska
Michael Jahn Wikimedia Deutschland
Maggie Dennis [Mdennis (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Mike Peel
María Sefidari [Raystorm]
Itzik Edri [Itzike] Communications Committee / Wikimedia Israel
Jeremy Baron [Jeremyb] Wikimedia New York City
Owula kpakpo Communications Committee / Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Sandra Rientjes [SRientjes] Wikimedia Nederland
Raphael Berchie [Rberchie] Open Foundation West Africa
Asaf Bartov [Ijon / Asaf (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Joy Agyepong [Joy Agyepong] Open Foundation West Africa
Randolf Opoku-ware baah [Randybaah] Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Robertjamal12 Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Donatien Kangah [Papischou] Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire
Lucy Crompton-Reid [LucyCrompton-Reid (WMUK)] Wikimedia UK
Dyolf77 Communications Committee
Rupika Sharma [Wikilover90] Wikipedia Asian Month User Group
Exec8 Wikimedia ESEAP
Yerpo Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group
Tulsi Bhagat Maithili Wikimedians User Group
HakanIST Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
Sailesh Patnaik [Saileshpat] Odia Wikimedians User Group
Kerstin Sonnekalb Wikimedia CH
Deb Tankersley Wikimedia Foundation
Robert Myers [Bidgee] Wikimedia Australia
Manavpreet Kaur Punjabi Wikimedians
Nahid Sultan [NahidSultan] Wikimedia Bangladesh
Techyan Wikimedians of Mainland China
Sam [Jamie Tubers] Wikimedia User Group Nigeria
Sarah Krichen WMFr Wikimédia France
amuzujoe Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Rajeeb Dutta [Marajozkee]
Steinsplitter Wikimedia Commons / Meta-Wiki
Santi [Millars] Wikimedia España
DarwIn Wikimedia Portugal
Germien Cox Wikimedia Nederland
Ayokanmi Oyeyemi Wikimedia Nigeria User Group
Alexmar983 WikiClassics
Bijay chaurasia Maithili Wikimedians User Group
Masssly Communications Committee / Global Open Initiative / Wikimedia Ghana
Marcmiquel Amical Wikimedia
Fawaz Tairou [Fawaz.tairou] Communications Committee
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga Wikimedia Foundation
Maiken Hagemeister [Maiken Hagemeister (WMDE)] Communications Committee / Wikimedia Deutschland
Lauren Dickinson [LDickinson (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Paulina Lordméndez [Paulina Lordméndez] Communications Committee
Anne Clin [Risker] Communications Committee
Nahid Sultan [NahidSultan] Communications Committee
Sannita Wikidata
Bachounda Algerian Wikimedians User Group
BamLifa Wikimedians of Democratic Republic of Congo User Group
Celestinesucess Art + Feminism
Elisabeth Giesemann (WMDE) Wikimedia Deutschland
Sam Patton Wikimedia Foundation
CCogdill (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Mariana Suijkerbuijk Wikimedia Foundation
JOAN Wikimedia Colombia
Biyanto Rebin Wikimedia Indonesia
Douglas Ian Scott Wikimedia South Africa
Nicole Ebber Wikimedia Deutschland
Mohamed ElGohary [ircpresident] Egypt Wikimedians
Ebenezer Mlay
Francesc Fort Amical Wikimedia
Dhruv Arora
Effeietsanders Dutch Wikimedia projects, Wiki Loves Monuments
Carla Casilli [CCasilli (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Segun Oworu [SOworu (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Hang Do Thi Duc [HDothiduc (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Tas Elias [TElias (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Chris Koerner [CKoerner (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Elena Lappen [ELappen (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Kelsi Stine-Rowe [KStineRowe (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Juliet Barbara Minassian Media Wikimedia Foundation consultant
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight [Rosiestep] Wikimedia Foundation
Hillun Vilayl Napis Wikimedia Indonesia
Cahyo (WMID) Wikimedia Indonesia
Bradv English Wikipedia
Katie Crampton (WMUK) Wikimedia UK
Natasha Iles Wikimedia UK
Amélie Cabon [Amélie Cabon WMFr] Wikimédia France
Anastasiia Wikimedia Ukraine
CCasares (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Ben Vershbow [BVershbow (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
MMatsetela (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Sara Thomas Wikimedia UK
TAndic (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Erica Pedone Wikimedia Italia
Buszmail Wikimedia ESEAP
Caddie Brain
Julia Brungs Wikimedia Foundation
Mathieu Lovato Stumpf Guntz [psychoslave] Wikimedia France, Wikimedia Esperanto (aka ELISo)
Medol Amical Wikimedia
RSharma (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation
Mohamed Mustapha Aliyu [Em-mustapha] Hausa Wikimedians User Group
Nehaoua WikiDZ
Mayur Paul [MPaul (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Belinda Mbambo [BMbambo (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Lisa McCabe [LMccabe (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Mehrdad Pourzaki [MPourzaki (WMF)] Wikimedia Foundation
Revital Poleg Wikimedia Israel
Klára Joklová [Klára Joklová (WMCZ)] Wikimedia Czech Republic
Rae Adimer [RAdimer-WMF] Wikimedia Foundation


The Movement communications group discusses and plans collaborations around communications efforts within the movement, such as:

  • Collaboration on movement-wide messaging and communications.
  • Working together on inquires from the media related to movement communications.
  • Planning and discussion related to major movement events and activities - such as project birthdays, regional conferences, Wikimania, and Wikimedia Hackathon.
  • Support of project and affiliate communications capacities - such as sharing ideas related to local communications activities, sharing best practices on use of social media, and seeking input on a new communications program.

Methods of communicating

Mailing list

Currently, the group primarily communicates via a private mailing list. The mailing list's archives are only available to members (making the list private) to facilitate discussions around press articles (which may be copyrighted or otherwise protected from public distribution) and embargoed announcements.


All interactions and communication within the group, including on the group's mailing list, must follow the Wikimedia Foundation's Friendly space policy. Failure to follow this policy will result in removal from the group by the Wikimedia Foundation or Communications Committee.

Contacting the group

Anyone may contact the group with inquiries related to Wikimedia movement communications.

When to contact the group

Specifically, people are encouraged to contact the committee with:

  • Information on actions that may get attention from the press

How to contact the group

The best way to reach the committee is by sending an email to its private mailing list: movecom (note that to deal with spam, posts by non-members to the list are moderated).

Press liaisons

Anyone with a press inquiry or needing assistance with press outreach may contact the members of the Communications Department working with the press at: press

Whenever possible, the Communications Department works with local volunteers, movement affiliates, and the Communications Committee to connect the press with local people working on the Wikimedia projects.


The group has a private mailing list to facilitate planning and discussions. Other resources available to the committee include:

  • General communications resources at the Communications Resource Center
  • The press & translation queues in VRTS
  • The press release distribution and archive software on


The Movement communications group was created by the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department in March 2019. It was created based on the March 2019 composition of the Communications committee mailing list, which at the time had approximately 200 members. As a part of reconfiguring the Communications committee into a smaller group, the Movement communications group was created as a replacement for the more expansive group.