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Category:Checkusers on a Wikimedia Project → Category:Checkusers on a Wikimedia project

No reason to capitalise specifically "project". ~~~~
User:1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk)
12:35, 2 March 2022 (UTC)

  Donexaosflux Talk 18:06, 18 March 2022 (UTC)
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/Wikimania Committee/Minutes/2020-11-10 to Wikimania Committee/Minutes/2020-11-10

Like the others--Pierpao (talk) 13:18, 14 March 2022 (UTC)

@Pierpao: what is the source page you want moved? — xaosflux Talk 18:11, 18 March 2022 (UTC)
this one to Wikimania Committee/Minutes/2020-11-10 that is a wrong redirect to Wikimania Committee/Minutes/2021-11-10 User:Xaosflux, thanks--Pierpao (talk) 18:57, 18 March 2022 (UTC)
@Pierpao: This is a side effect of slash tricks. As a counter-trick, :/Wikimania Committee/Minutes/2020-11-10 (with a colon as prefix) works as well. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 19:12, 18 March 2022 (UTC)
  Done @Pierpao: should be good now. — xaosflux Talk 20:42, 18 March 2022 (UTC)
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Steward requests/Global permissions/Global renamers to Steward requests/Global permissions/GRN-Header

Consistent with other headers for GR/GS/GIPBE. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 11:44, 18 March 2022 (UTC)

  Done --Minorax«¦talk¦» 02:52, 17 April 2022 (UTC)
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Category:Translator's Templates to Category:Translators

This category is a container one; most of its direct children are subcats, not templates (which are categorized at Translator templates). NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 14:19, 29 May 2022 (UTC)

Just stumbled upon this myself again. Support per Category talk:Translator's Templates#Category:Translator templates. ~~~~
User:1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk)
12:35, 5 June 2022 (UTC)
@NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh so what is it you want to have done here? This page is to request a page be moved to another page, in this case your "from" page is a non-empty category, so we will not be moving it as it is. — xaosflux Talk 18:19, 13 July 2022 (UTC)
@Xaosflux: All subcats of Translator's Templates have already been copied to Translators via {{Translators subcat}}. I therefore suggest a soft redirect or, preferably, deletion for Translator's Templates. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 18:45, 13 July 2022 (UTC)
Category:Translator's Templates has hundreds of members, deleting or moving it won't fix that. If you want to nominate a category for deletion it needs to be listed at Meta:Requests_for_deletion#Categories. — xaosflux Talk 18:56, 13 July 2022 (UTC)
@Xaosflux: Now it have none. I cannot nominate it for deletion yet since there are still 3 members left. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 15:13, 14 July 2022 (UTC)
@NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh ok, so it seems like there is never going to be a need to move the page Category:Translator's Templates to Category:Translators, correct? — xaosflux Talk 15:21, 14 July 2022 (UTC)
@Xaosflux: Now that you say so, I'm wondering why I requested for this move in the first place... Perhaps for a history merge or something that cannot be done by myself. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 15:24, 14 July 2022 (UTC)

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Various capitalisation fixes

These should be moved per conventions in the respective category trees/the Meta category tree in general, preferably using a bot. ~~~~
User:1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk)
12:43, 5 June 2022 (UTC)

I can do this using JWB. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh 13:03, 5 June 2022 (UTC)
Added one. ~~~~
User:1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk)
19:40, 21 September 2022 (UTC)
I already moved one of the categories to its correct title, completely unaware of the request here. Dsuke1998AEOS (talk) 11:51, 24 December 2022 (UTC)
WMAR done. —MarcoAurelio (talk) 12:27, 12 March 2023 (UTC)
  All done by assigning flooder with the help of Cat-a-lot gadget. Kind regards, Tulsi 24x7 15:21, 29 March 2023 (UTC)
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