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This is the central point for translating pages on Meta. See Translation if you look for a more general page.

Introduction edit

Meta is multilingual, but currently most pages are in English. Help translating pages!

Instructions edit

From the beginning edit

Create a main page if it doesn't exists. It will be the source page for deciding contents and changes. Create a language template and add it. You can also create a summary template. Is you know this page will have shared contents (ex: user lists), create a subpage for that content.

Does it look difficult? You can take as an example this page and its main page Meta:Translation.

Translating an existing page edit

Add the templates if they don't exist. Otherwise, edit them to add a link to the translation you are preparing. The page name should be something like Xx/Translated name. Include it in some matching categories and in its language category (ex: Category:En).

Updating an existing translation edit

See the main page of the article (possibly English version) or go to Meta:En/Translation/Coordination in order to check if the translation needs updating.

Information edit

Template models: Meta:En/Translation/Template
How to name a page: Meta:Conventions for multilingualism

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