Unrestricted access to add and remove userrights.
To manipulate membership in global groups, see Special:GlobalGroupMembership.
To change membership on a wiki besides Meta, enter <username>@<dbname>, e.g. Jimbo Wales@enwiki.
Remember to advise new sysops to translate MediaWiki on

Local bureaucrats

Add or remove the bot, IP block exemption, central notice administrators, uploader, interface administrator and the translation administrator permissions.
Add (but not remove) administrator (sysop) and bureaucrat.
Remove the flood flag from any administrator.

Local administrators

Add and remove the translation administrator and the flood flag from themselves. Preferable that flood flag is set to expire as it takes relative (e.g. 1h) and set times and dates; otherwise please remember to remove the flood flag when you are finished.
Add and remove IP block exemption, MassMessage senders, autopatrollers and patrollers. Noting that patroller requires community request at Meta:RfH.

Echo user-rights icon.svg To see recent rights changes, visit Special:Log/rights.