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Note: the name "MediaWiki" is often confused with several other, similar, names; please see the glossary for an explanation of these.

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MediaWiki 1.31.1 is available for download from, a site that is also responsible for the documentation of the software. MediaWiki 1.35.0-wmf.15 (febca94) is currently running on all Wikimedia sites. Third-party users should probably not run the alpha/beta versions of MediaWiki on publicly accessible servers at this time.


기술적인 개발자 세션


기술적 권한


At the moment there is a stable version maintained for at least one year after its release date, and the last legacy versions still getting security fixes. Older versions are considered as insecure. As of March 2018 there are three supported versions:

  1. The future version 1.31 (REL1_31 branch in June 2018)
  2. The stable version 1.30 supported until December 2018
  3. The legacy version 1.29 supported until July 2018
  4. The future LTS version 1.31 supported until June 2021
  5. The new LTS version 1.27 supported until June 2019

데이터베이스 덤프

For downloadable dumps of Wikipedia's article database, see Wikipedia:Database download. For a description of the database format and fields, see database layout.

To create your own dump of a local MediaWiki site, you can use the dumpBackup.php script found in the maintenance directory of your MediaWiki installation tree.

An example invocation to a full backup might look like:

 php maintenance/dumpBackup.php --full > full.xml

Command line options for dumpBackup.php are explained by running it with no parameters, i.e.

 php maintenance/dumpBackup.php

However, there are some extra undocumented options in its source code.

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MediaWiki has a page about this at: