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The Library Card platform is a tool run by The Wikipedia Library for applying, and in the future searching and accessing, reliable sources for use by experienced Wikimedia contributors.


The tool is accessible at, where you can click 'Log in' to login via OAuth with your Wikimedia account.

Applying for resourcesEdit

Over 50 different publishers and databases are currently available via the platform, providing free access to their resources for use in editing Wikimedia projects. Clicking More Info on a partner will show you greater detail on their resources and application requirements. Click Apply to fill out the application form for access!

There is also immediate, no application required, access to a subset of proxied resources - known as the Library Bundle - for users who meet the minimum application criteria (500+ edits, 6+ months activity). These appear in the 'Instant Access' tab for those who are eligible.

After applying, you can click your username in the top corner while logged in to go to your user page and view a list of your applications. If your application receives any comments, or is approved or rejected, you will receive an email.

Most resources have a set number of accounts available at any given time. If all accounts have been distributed, that partner will be flagged as 'Waitlisted'. Applications are still welcomed, however you may not receive access for some time - until The Wikipedia Library team are able to get more accounts or redistribute old ones.

Many partners now use a proxy server for direct access to approved resources with users' single Wikipedia login. This will save needing to remember separate logins for every individual website used.

Suggesting new partnershipsEdit

While we're continually seeking out new publisher partnerships, you can make specific suggestions on the Suggest page. Simply fill out the form with details - you can also add a +1 to other suggestions if they're of interest to you.


Some editors assist in distributing accounts to applicants by reviewing applications for specific partners. They can access the interface for reviewing at This interface will only show applications to partners to which the coordinator is assigned.


The tool interface supports internationalisation via You can find more information and add translations at Translating:Library Card Platform.

Certain elements of the tool, such as publisher descriptions, do not currently have translation support, though this is planned.

Tracking workEdit

The Wikipedia Library team provides updates on its plans and technical work on MediaWiki. Feedback is encouraged!


Code contributions are welcomed - documentation on setting up the tool locally can be found at Open tasks are listed on Phabricator.