Learning and Evaluation/News/Learning Day for Wikimania Esino Lario/Tools Rotation

Teaching leads
Jaime Anstee (coordinator) Edward, Amanda Bittaker, Tighe Flanagan, Alex Stinson, Chris "Jethro" Schilling

Qualtrics edit

Quarry edit

Programs and Events Dashboard Overview edit

Session Abstract
This session will present the Programs and Events Dashboard as a program management tool for Wikimedians interested in organizing, running and tracking groups of users in various contexts (education programs, writing contests, edit-a-thons and workshops, etc.). This tool is still in development, and participants can give feedback or help file bugs.

Specific learning objectives: Participants understand what the Program and Events Dashboard is and how it can be used in the future for their programs.

  • Amount of time required: 10-20 minutes

Category Tools: What to use? edit

Session Abstract

Will provide a quick rundown of the existing category assessment tools, and help solve project specific requests about how to use these tools:

Also, will briefly discuss other backup tools for generating lists and grouping of articles. The handout for this session can be found at here

Specific learning objectives
  • Identify when and how to use different tools available for assessing content on the projects
  • Amount of time required:10-20
  • Potential participant collaborators:

Global Metrics Magic Button edit

Session Abstract
Participants will learn how to use the new Global Metrics magic button, that collects four global metrics using one report with four inputs.

Specific learning objectives:

  • Participants learn how to use the "magic button"
  • Amount of time required: 10 minutes
  • Potential participant-collaborators:

Phabricator edit

Session Abstract
How can people let developers know about the tech issues they're having and the features they'd like to suggest? How can you set priorities for complex projects for your team? Through Phabricator is the answer. Putting things in front of the people who can actually do something about them is easier than you think.
Specific learning objectives
Participants understand what Phabricator is and how to file a basic task or to find one.
  • Amount of time required: 10-20 minutes

Interested participants edit

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  • Anthere (talk) (in particular by Category Tools: What to use?, but might consider others), but may I suggest that your current time planning makes it so that people interested in this session can neither go to the morning excursion, nor to the afternoon one...