TreeViews calculates monthly view statistics for category trees (or a PagePile).

As of 2016, the tool is more efficient thanks to the pageviews API and can produce pageview statistics for thousands of pages in few minutes (but it's advisable to run the query a handful times until you get data for all articles or to set a latency of 500 ms in your browser, due to an API bug).

Pageviews of a list of articles edit

There are many possible lists of pages but a common need is to calculate pageviews for pages created by a person or project (e.g. a wikipedian in residence or GLAM). This is possible without any query or technical knowledge.

  1. If you don't already have a list of titles, make one with xtools' created pages or similar (example for one WIR).
  2. Paste the titles into a new PagePile (same example).
  3. From the dropdown select "Count page views" and on TreeViews click "run" (same example).

See also edit

  • GLAMorgan (to start from a Wikimedia Commons category)