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Interwiki Women Collaboration
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The idea to have an InterWiki Women Collaboration was born during Wikimania 2017 at 100wikidays Meetup in Montreal.

Armine Aghayan, from Armenia, Camelia Boban, from Italy and Andrea Patricia Kleiman from Argentina, decided to start an international collaboration which will help to fill the gender gap. Wikipedians from Armenia, Argentina and Italy will have a continuous collaboration during which the participants will write on women topics according to the lists provided by the organizers or they can write on women biographies of their own choice.

Guán-ê bo̍k-piau sī

Our idea is to create a culture about women in all languages and countries. Not only on Wikipedia, but also on the other Wikimedia projects (Wikidata, Wikibooks, Wikiquote to create, Wikisource to create, Open Street Map etc). For this reason Interwiki is to be seen both as cross-wikis and cross-languages.

Tsù-ì tsha-kū barnstar

  for the most engaged people in bridging the gender gap.