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Nedelsiant būtina išjungti robotą

The management interface is reporting a 503 error

Wait about an hour and then refresh. If it still does not work, report it on Phabricator.

Robotas neteisingai praneša, kad nuoroda negalioja

Robotas naudoja anglų kalbą ten, kur neturėtų

The bot is using the incorrect date format in templates

  • Modify the bot configuration for your wiki. Make sure your wiki is selected from the dropdown on the top right.
  • Scroll to "Default used date formats". Define one date format per line, using the strftime syntax. The format that is preferred by your wiki should have the prefix @default: in front of it.
  • Scroll to the bottom and submit. If there are still issues, leave a message on User talk:InternetArchiveBot.

The bot is removing a lot of wikitext from pages

The bot often makes maintenance edits to articles in the course of its work. This includes removing redundant citations from articles. Here is an example of that kind of edit. In articles, if a reference has a "name" attribute (such as <ref name="cite1">Wales, 1994</ref>), you only need to provide the text of the citation once, and can use shorthand references after (like <ref name="cite1" />).

In the event something else is happening causing the bot to remove large amounts of wikitext, please leave a message on User talk:InternetArchiveBot.

Robotas mano viki įjungtas, bet jis nieko neatlieka

Jei robotas dar niekada nebuvo paleistas Jūsų viki, gali būti, kad jis dar nėra sukonfigūruotas. Jei paliksite žinutę mūsų aptarimo puslapyje, galėtume atlikti roboto nustatymus Jūsų viki. Be to, jei robotas viki svetainėje įjungiamas pirmą kartą, nustatymui ir redagavimui gali prireikti kelių dienų.

If the bot has run on your wiki before, it is possible that the bot has been disabled server-side. When this happens, it is because there is a bug that is preventing InternetArchiveBot from working effectively on that wiki. Please wait for service to return to that wiki. Also check to make sure the bot is not blocked on your wiki.

I need to manually set a domain or URL as alive or dead

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