This meeting has been canceled.

Monday, February 23, 2009
23:00 (UTC)

Meeting for #wikipediaconnect and #wikipedia-enconnect channel ops. Feel free to send additional agenda items to Martinp23, wimt, Luna-Santin or Rjd0060 or poke one of us on IRC.

The ops will be voiced and the meeting will be moderated, but all users are welcome to join and watch, and contribute points in private message as applicable.

Please sign your name if you are able to attend at the scheduled time. If you'd like a reminder prior to the meeting starting, please indicate that also.


  1. Op guidelines (read them if you haven't)
  2. The #wikipedia-en channel guidelines have been combined with those of #wikipedia. Please review them at IRC/wikipedia/Guidelines
  3. Preemptive Tor quiets
  4. Dircbot use
  5. Discussions in #wikimedia-ops-internal
  6. Keep an eye on, and use #wikimedia-ops when there is active disruption. Other ops may be dealing with the situation already.
  7. Use +q not +b (unless necessary)
  8. Specific remit of "on-topic" wrt to #wikipedia/-en and the role of ops in this.
  9. New op suggestions invited in private