This page lists the #wikipediaconnect and #wikipedia-enconnect channel operators. All freenode staffers, who run the network, also have operator privileges in both channels. This is given to their cloaks, *!*@freenode/staff/*, a ban removal IRC bot named eir and an anti-spam bot named Sigyn

Link to project/meta userpage IRC nick #wikipedia #wikipedia-en

Az1568 AlexZ (IRC Group Contact) X X

Barras Barras (IRC Group Contact, Channel contact) X X

Bsadowski1 Brian_S X X

charitwo c (IRC Group Contact) X X

DeltaQuad DeltaQuad X X

Deskana Deskana X X

FastLizard4 FastLizard4 X

Fox foks (IRC Group Contact) X X

Fluffernutter Fluffernutter (Super Op) X X

Gfoley4 Gfoley4 X X

Glaisher Philon (Super Op) X X

GorillaWarfare GorillaWarfare (Super Op) X X

Jamesofur jamesofur X X

Jdforrester James_F X X

Jimbo Wales JimboWales X X


Killiondude Killiondude X X

Logan Logan X X

MZMcBride MZMcBride X X

Nick Heligoland{{A}} X X

Oshwah Oshwah X

Petrb petan X X

Philippe (WMF) Philippe X

Rjd0060 Rjd0060 X X

Shirik Shirik_ X X

Slakr slakr X X

Snowolf Snowolf (IRC Group Contact) X X

Steven Zhang Steven_Zhang X X

Stwalkerster stwalkerster X X

TBloemink TBloemink X X

Werdan7 werdan7 X

Werdna Werdna X

WHeimbigner AfterDeath X X