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I'm a member of board of the Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia, where I mainly organize various projects and contests, also write grant projects for these competitions. From January 2016, I began to work actively in Georgian Wikipedia, where my area of work until today is creating articles on political topics, as well as women, with which I try to restore gender balance in Georgian Wikipedia. In addition to the Georgian Wikipedia, I write new articles in the English, Turkish and Azerbaijani Wikipedia (in Azerbaijan I also write with my BOT). Since 2017, I have been actively organizing the following contests: The Women You Have Never Met 2018 in Georgia; From Independence To Freedom; WLM 2017; WLE 2017; WLM 2018; WLE 2018; Wikipedia Asian Month 2018. Last December, my colleagues and I, together organized the first WikiConference in Georgia, that will serve to popularize Wikimedia projects and familiarize the public with the work of Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia has always existed among Georgian Wikimedians. The last project that I have with my colleagues is the first WikiCamp in Georgia, which main goal to attract more young people to work in Georgian Wikipedia, Georgian Wikiquote and other projects of Wikimedia. You can also review my grant projects and reports: WLM 2017 (Report); WLE 2017 (Report); TWYHNM 2018 in Georgia (Report); WAM 2018 (Report) etc.

Unfortunately, my current computer is more than 4 years old, for which the battery no longer works and I have to always sit near the source of electricity. So, I can't work where and when I want. PC also has a software problem. Because of these reasons, it is difficult for me to work.

With the help of a new computer I can:

  1. improve their productivity and benefits for our organization (UG-GE).
  2. create and improve new and old articles in Georgian wikipedia.
  3. upload more photos to commons more quickly (my contr.).
  4. increase the contribution to Wikidata (at the moment I am engaged in the improvement of elements about Georgian villages; mu contr.).
  5. write more new articles in Turkish, Azerbaijani and English Wikipedia.

Affected projectsEdit

  • Georgian Wikipedia
  • Meta-Wiki
  • Wikidata
  • Commons
  • Turkish Wikipedia
  • Azerbaijani Wikipedia
  • English Wikipedia
  • Translate-Wiki

Work you're proud ofEdit

My featured articles in the Georgian Wikipedia


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