Community platform edit

Checklist edit

  1. You received a reply email for registering to the community platform on Mattermost when you registered to Hack4OpenGLAM. Check that you find it. Check the trash, too. Follow the instructions in the message.
  2. Check that your project got a channel on the Mattermost community platform.
  3. If you have several projects, check that they all have channels on Mattermost.
  4. If there are any problems, please let us know at avoinglam@okf.fi.

What to do on the community platform? edit

  • Head to the Town Square and say hello. You can find some help in the pinned message.
  • Find you project's channel, introduce your ideas, add images and links. This is the space that you can use for working with your project. You can start a Jitsi call on the channel at any time. See the example channel for ideas.
  • Feel free to pitch your project in the Town Square channel and invite people to join your channel.
  • Join other projects as well!
  • You can download the desktop app as well as an app for your mobile for Mattermost. Recommended!

I need help! edit

You can go to the Help channel and write about your problem. Volunteers will help you solve the problem. You can ping @avoinglam or any team member in any message on the community platform. You can mail us at avoinglam@okf.fi.

Weekly meetups edit

In the weeks and months leading to the event, we arrange weekly meetups on Thursdays at 1pm UTC. In the meetups, project ideas can be shared and discussed, and we will further promote them in newsletters and tweets.

Present your project edit

Type it in the collaborative notes. To make tweeting and promoting easier, write a short summary, add a link to an image and to the project documentation. Also write what kind of collaboration you are looking for. Make sure you have registered the project before you can present it.

Meeting times edit

You will always find the right time and channel through this link.

Hack4OpenGLAM Dashboard edit

The creator of last year's dashboard Mikael Hannolainen combined the card-based layout this year with João's graphics for the 2019 CC Summit in Lisbon.

Every participant is introduced edit

The Dashboard is handy for connecting with people at Hack4OpenGLAM. You can find likeminded creators for your projects and contact them using the channels they have made public. There will be filters to narrow down the search.

So are all projects, tools, collections and workshops edit

View what's happening at the hackathon and join the action on the community platform. Before you can join, you must register yourself! We welcome tools and platforms to present themselves, but using the Dashboard for advertising is not accepted. More guidelines will be defined, if needed.

Check that everything works well edit

  • You can find your people card in the Dashboard.
  • All your projects (projects, tools, workshops, collections) are included.
  • Your people page and project pages are linked to each other.
  • Your projects are linked to their channels on the Mattermost community platform.

Fixing it edit

  • You can use the Google Forms reply email to go back and change the information you submitted.
  • Please contact us at avoinglam@okf.fi if you find other errors, or if you want all your data to be removed.

New logo! edit

João Pombeiro, the designer of the Lisbon 2019 Creative Commons Summit identity, has created a logo for Hack4OpenGLAM. You are the first ones to see it!

"For me a hack is the simplest and most effective way to solve a problem. I tried to do that here."

The OpenGLAM logo was literally hacked to make the Hack4OpenGLAM logo. Two pixels were added to it to form the letter H in the middle.

The logo can be mirrored and flipped, for example with right-to-left scripts.

Since it uses a grid, it can be reproduced easily with any digital or analog technique (cross stitch embroidery, 8bit graphics, Minecraft, graph paper, construction blocks, wall tiles, etc.)

The open logo concept is an invitation to hack further. Anyone can change the font, color or texture to make a different version of the logo.

Twitter messages edit

Ever wondered what #Hack4OpenGLAM is about? Join the meetups on this co-creation event for #OpenAccess to #CulturalHeritage at @ccglobalsummit on Thursdays 1 pm UTC. Join https://dateful.com/eventlink/3350245692 and check out https://summit.creativecommons.org/hack4openglam-2021/ #OpenGLAM

Newsletter #2 for #Hack4OpenGLAM @ccglobalsummit presents the facilitators & ambassadors, new logo by @joaopombeiro, and the first set of projects. Get yours at http://okf.fi/get-h4og #OpenGLAM

Meet the facilitators & ambassadors, the faces of #Hack4OpenGLAM! The ambassadors are already looking for you to join working with us. The facilitators will guide us through the co-creation event. http://okf.fi/h4og-fa #OpenGLAM

The new Dashboard for #Hack4OpenGLAM is published, featuring already dozens of projects, collections, platforms, tools and creators! View https://hack4openglam.okf.fi/ and register yours http://okf.fi/hack4openglam2021-register or subscribe http://okf.fi/get-h4og #OpenGLAM