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Grants talk:Project/Nattes à chat/Les sans pagEs/Midpoint

Report acceptedEdit

Dear Nattes à chat, DeuxPlusQuatre, and Exilexi,

Thank you for submitting this Midpoint Report. I am accepting it now, with the following comments:

  • "We have allready exceeded our goals (1000 articles by the end of 2018) as the project has generated 1788 new articles in 2018 at the end of november"
    • Hooray! So great to hear this! And you have far exceeded your goal. Congratulations on getting here, after all your hard work.
  • That's an impressive list of press coverage. You are obviously doing a great job elevating the visibility of the project. Could you share any stories you have about what impact you have seen this press coverage having? For example, do any of you participants mention how the coverage influenced their choice to participate or changed how they thought about gender and Wikipedia?
  • "However 6 articles upgraded to "good articles" during the year."
    • Awesome! Can you link to those articles in the report?
  • "The amount of articles produced by the project is over 4200 articles in two year."
    • Wow! Such a big number! Wonderful that this project is so productive.
  • Thanks for linking to the blog! Have you considered publishing some of these stories on the Wikimedia Foundation blog? If this is of interest to you, let me know and I can talk you through what is involved.
  • "more than 1200 followers and 7000 tweets" -- You are obviously doing a great job with your social media campaign! I need to come and follow you!
  • "- website : the price we had to pay exceded what was initially planned. The person who ended up in setting up the website used wordpress as this was the system she already knew, and the person who initially was to do it experienced changes in her personal life that made it impossible to sustain her level of engagement. The prices were somewhat different from the estimation made initially."
    • No problem. Thanks for documenting that here.
  • You mentioned that some of your participants have requested services like legal counseling when being harassed. I"m concerned to hear that the level of harassment has been serious enough that they perceived legal counseling as their best option. Perhaps it would be good for us to set up a call to discuss this in greater depth?
  • "we have been able to count on the increased support of the local chapters, Wikimedia France and Wikimedia Switzerland"
    • I am thrilled to hear about this. This is great progress. Do you see possibilities here to get support with some of the challenges you listed, like managing the notoriety of the project in the media, for example?
  • The new groups sounds like it is very active. Is this addressing the problem posed in your original proposal, in terms of regular activities only existing in Geneva, with one-off editathons in other cities, but held by the same Geneva team? Or is the Geneva team still carrying the responsibility in the new location?
  • All of the issues you have described in next steps and opportunities sound like smart things to be focused on. I hope we can set up a call to discuss this more.
  • "It is a great experience but challenging with the growth of the project and the press coverage. One of the debates over the delation of a category (categorie:Matrimoine) even made it to the front news, which sets up a whole different range of issues and a sense of increase responsibility."
    • Wow, this really gives me a sense of how much exposure you are experiencing. I can imagine it is overwhelming. Is the link to this article in the report? Would you say that the exposure is generally friendly in nature? Or do you feel under fire?
  • "The workload is tremendous and not sustainable for volunteers overtime."
    • I really hear this. It does sound like too much. Let's talk about this more in person.

Kind regards, Marti (WMF) (talk) 02:26, 16 March 2019 (UTC)

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