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Response to rapid fund applicationEdit


Thank you for submitting a rapid fund application. I have reviewed it and here are some considerations:

About the contest How will you evaluate the contributions of participants?

About the participants Given that you are planning on engaging new participants, have you considered any strategy for new participants retention?

About the budget I noticed that there is a discrepancy in the total requested budget amount. On the Fluxx application, which is reflected on Meta you request $1,800 USD, but the budget attached requests for $2,000 USD. I kindly appreciate if you can clarify the requested amount and make sure that it is modified on Fluxx.

About the dates Please take into consideration that the grant processing and payment might take up to 4 weeks, if possible, please make adjustments accordingly to your proposal dates on Fluxx.

Please make the requested changes and respond to my questions on the same page.

Best regards, Mercedes Caso (platícame) 18:54, 11 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

"About the dates [...]"
It is not possible. We are already behind schedule, I can only put it to 15 July, I have to have at least a yes or no on that date.
It is an international contest, not only Brazil that is in the WLE, but we have also already negotiated the starting date with the WLE international team, and we push the boundaries, the maximum that they could give us was 15 of July to start.
For legal reasons, before the contest start I have to have the jury and the prize (if it will have a prize). For any change on that, I have to contact all the applicants and see if they agree with the changes, if they do not agree, we could not change, or invalidate their entries.
I know that you take 4 weeks, in theory (never in reality), to process this type of grant, so the changes for 45 days are bizarre and remove the optimal window to WLE. And only affect small teams, that have to use the Rapid grant.
And if we will have a yes, I will have to act as 2010 and use my own money to run things and receive it latter (actually I already did spend some money on this, as the landing page of the contest was partially built (L) )... 12 years later and doing this moves...
"About the budget [...]"
The rest is the same as the previous WLE in Brazil under our team: WLE BR 2020/Report, WLE BR 2021/Rept, the questions solutions was already there...
About the contest [...]
The idea was to have Brazilian international award-winners nature photographers evaluate the photos, as in the previous years, after the photographers of select the 500 best through the well know the system of WLE.
As we did not hear from you, we do not know how many will accept the invitation in less than four days, and campaign for the contest. So probably our team will do all the steps, as we are a community of photographers.
About the participants [...]
"One of the problems that we diagnostic is that the winners of the Wiki Loves in Brazil only contribute at contests, and most of them, not even that." - March 2020.
The prize is one of the retention strategies, the other was lives and other interactions trough social media, and other face to face activities of with our photographers and the applicants, this would start to happen before, during and after the contest. Now probably only after.
And a small reminder: the WLE international team is based in Ukraine, and this is the 10 th edition of the contest. Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton m 20:57, 11 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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