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  • Learning days (Leadership track): I attended learning days on the first day of preconference. This is my first learning days, which was a good experience. I learned about types of listening and the skills required – which are very crucial for a leader, solving problems collectively and also about listening to the community by the means of surveys. The sessions on GLAM programs & partnerships and grants were also helpful in letting me to be open to more opportunities for activities in India.
  • Wikipedia 101 for Librarians: On the second preconference day, I co-facilitated the session on basics of editing Wikipedia and Wikidata by The Wikipedia Library (TWL) for librarians in and around Cape Town. We had 19 participants, who were initially put into #1Lib1Ref model, and later given a demonstration on contributing to Wikidata. The outcome of this session can be see at:
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1 Wikimedia Commons and GLAM needs around the world
  • Understanding the relation between Wikimedian Commons and GLAM partnerships
  • Various activities that can be organised to fill media gap on Commons through GLAM and related partnerships
2 Gaps in Global GLAM capacity: A Discussion
  • Understanding various practical approaches while approaching institutions or organizations
  • Dealing with the hardships during such partnerships due to organizational changes
  • Engaging local volunteers and building a sustainable model
3 #1lib1ref: Reaching 5 million librarians around the world
  • Scope for #1Lib1Ref
  • Potential options for promoting the campaign in India
4 Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons and knowledge equity
  • Basic understanding and importance of structured data on Commons
  • Current state of development and ways to contribute
5 The Wikipedia Library Card Platform: How you have access to 100,000 journals
  • Idea, development and history of TWL
  • Usage of TWL by various language Wikipedias
  • Better ways to pitch partners
6 How wikidata infoboxes can help bridge content and language gaps
  • Importance of Wikidata infoboxes
  • State of usage across various languages
7 Wikidata-enabled Infobox Workshop
  • Enabling Wikidata infoboxes on a Wikipedia
8 Which parts of an article are actually being read?
  • Understanding the reader's intrest
  • Various techniques used to get these stats
  • Asia Meetup:
    • Plan for much larger gathering for Wikimedians from Asia, after ESEAP 2019
    • Discussion about Wikipedia Asian Month
  • Wiki Loves Love Meetup
    • Discussion on scope of the contest
    • Inputs on planning and organizing
    • Various outreach activities that can be planned as a part of the contest


Major interactions
  • User:Astinson (WMF): Discussed about various opportunities for GLAM in India, and their integration with TWL.
  • User:Bodhisattwa: Though both of us are from India, and have been communicating online, this is the first time we met. We had a lot of discussions about activities related to Wikimedia movement in India. We also discussed about West Bengal Wikimedians Usergroup organizing WLM in India this year.
  • User:CSteigenberger (WMF): Clarified my doubts regarding various aspects of Code of Conduct and Friendly Space Policy for events, and also got inputs to frame these policies for Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India).
  • User:Ed Erhart (WMF): Discussed in-general about the WikiProject Military History on English Wikipedia and about the proposed usergroup for Wikipedia military historians. We worked on a plan to write a series of blog posts from the academy courses of military history project.
  • User:Flixtey & User:Ocaasi (WMF): The discussions with these two people were the most crucial conversations I've had during this Wikimania. I've been volunteering for TWL for almost one year since now, and regularly communicating with them online. However, this is the first time we met in person. We discussed a lot about increasing awareness about TWL in India, its activities such as #1Lib1Ref and OAWiki, about the local branch of TWL in Hindi (currently in incubation), about the partnership with Economic and Political Weekly and also various other options for library partnerships in India.
  • User:FredAAndrade (Wikitounges): It was very good to know about the works being done by Wikitounges. We spoke about the threats that cause languages to become extinct, and also how human migration effects the language in terms of usage and vocabulary. I'll be helping them in working with Telugu language as a part of their work.
  • User:Hasive: We discussed about organizing a regional conference for Asia after the Asia meetup, and also about the scope of TWL in Bangladesh – various ways to enhance library partnerships.
  • User:I JethroBT (WMF): Chris and I collaborated in the past on various projects for several grants. We discussed about following-up my idea from the previous Inspire Campaign for New Readers, DYK Posters, and also about the current campaign for community health measuring tools. We also had a small conversation about the upcoming Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India).
  • User:Lodewijk: As I was a organizer for WLM monuments in India last year, we spoke the contest in India this year, and also about documenting monuments that are not both on the national and state-level lists.
  • User:Maskaravivek: As Vivek is from the Commons Android App Team, I've pointed out few issues and troubles that users have been facing with the app, and also we discussed about how it can support campaigns such as WLE and WLM.
  • User:NahidSultan: We had conversations about various aspects related to the movement in Bangladesh, and also the need for Wikimedians from India and Bangladesh to collaborate more for various upcoming projects.
  • User:Seddon (WMF): I've worked with several Central Notices last year. Seddon shared me some best practices for central notice parameters with respect to various kinds of projects, like content edit-a-thons, photographic campaigns, and research projects.
  • User:SPoore (WMF): She briefed about various anti-harassment tools that can be used in online and offline spaces. We also discussed about how various harassment reports and anti-harassment measures influence the community health.
  • User:SSethi (WMF): I spoke to Sristhi about the planned Wikimedia technical training program in my college. She also briefed me about opportunities that college students have such as Outreachy and GSOC. Post Asia meetup, along with few others, we worked out a plan to improve the Tech contributors in India, and developing a model similar to AWMD.
  • User:SuperHamster: After discussion, we planned to organize a sub-contest for SVGs related to Asia under WAM this year. We're trying it out as a follow-up for the Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India), and also I helped him to do a promotional video for WAM.
  • User:VMasrour (WMF): Vahid provided many inputs to shape the Wiki-club in my college – on motivating editors, creating a sustainable model and also various program that I can try. He also told me about the education newsletter – mentioned that reports and learning from various activities should be sent to the newsletter, so that work is known by all.
  • User:WJifar (WMF): I had a small conversation with Woubzena about the new grants model and various risks involved. Also a bit about the grants cycle – ideating, planning, proposal, reviewing, approval, again planning, execution, reporting, learning, and finally share-out.
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