statusnot eligible for TPS (funded through Rapid Grants)
summaryRepresent Hindi Wikipedia in the World Hindi Conference so as to raise awareness about Hindi Wikipedia, among the top strata of scholars and institutions working for the Hindi language.
event locationPailles, Mauritius
event date(s)18-20th August 2018
amount requested₹2,15200 (3,142 USD)
home countryIndia
submitted on19:59, 30 April 2018 (UTC)

Proposed participation edit

Hindi Wikipedia has been severely suffering from lack of quality editors and readers. The World Hindi Conference is the biggest event of the Hindi language, held every three years, aimed at promoting the Hindi language at the Global stage, having Scholars, writers, Universities, MNCs, and other educational and cultural institutions, participating in it. We plan, to participate in the upcoming World Hindi Conference to represent Hindi Wikipedia, as It gives an important opportunity for us to promote Hindi Wikipedia among large numbers of individuals and groups with similar interests from India, Mauritius and around the world. It also gives us an opportunity to interact with them in prospects for possible co-operative agreements. Also, since this conference is about to be held in Mauritius, it also gives us a unique opportunity to popularise Hindi Wikipedia in Mauritius and search for possible cooperative agreements with organizations working for the Hindi language, within Mauritius.

Goal and expected impact edit

The severe lack of concent, quality editors and the lack of readership due to lack of awareness among Hindi-speakers is a prime concern for the Hindi Wikipedia community. It was a matter extensively discussed in our last Hindi Wikipedia Conference. Also, the World Hindi Conference, being the largest event of the Hindi language, has all individuals and organizations, from around the world, related to Hindi, participating in it, and Hence, Hindi Wikipedia should definitely be represented there. By participating in this event, our prime goal is to achieve the following:

  • To increase awareness about Wikipedia among Hindi-speakers, and especially among the top strata of Hindi scholars and institutions, who would be present there.
  • With our participation, we wish to increase our readership and hopefully add more quality editors to our community, thus strengthening the Hindi Wikipedia Community and the Global Wikimedia Movement.
  • To hopefully get leads for partnership with other organizations or institutions to increase quality content and readership of Hindi Wikipedia.

Event budget table edit

Number Category Item description Number of units Cost per unit Total cost in INR Total cost in USD (approximate) Notes
1 International Travel Two way travel from Delhi/Mumbai to Port Louis for 2 participants. 2 ₹47,000 ₹94,000 - 20% (*Discount as offered ) ~ ₹ 75,200 1,098 USD estimates based on rates obtained from the Internet might vary depending upon flight cost at the time of booking
2 Domestic Travel Cost of travel from individual Cities to International Airport for 2 participants. 2 ₹8000+10,000 ₹18,000 263 USD Cost of travel from individual Cities to International Airport for 2 participants.
3 Accommodation Double bed sharing rooms for six nights 6 ₹8,000/room×6 nights ₹48,000 701 USD Close estimate, based on rates obtained from the Internet
4 Communication and local transportation costs ₹20,000 292 USD Includes Internet & telecommunication expenses and other transportation costs.
5 Food For 2 participants 8 ₹1125 ₹9,000 131 USD Food for other than conference days
6 Swag and advertising material for the conference. ₹25,000 365 USD T-shirt and advertising material, like 1000 Nos pamphlet,Flex Banner,TV/Projector Rental.
7 Contingency Fund 1 ₹20,000 292 USD Contingency Fund
Total ₹ 2,15200 3,142 USD

Other instructions/Requests edit

I would appreciate if WMF books flights and hotels for us. And it would also be helpful we get the advance disbursement.

Swag request (WHC 2018 expecting 1500 Registered participants these swag will help in Wikipedia Publicity in International dignitaries)
S.No Item(s) Quantity
1 Globe hoodie (men) for 2 resource persons 2 (2XL size)
2 Globe stickers (50 pack) 10 sets (total 500 pack)
3 Wikipedia globe buttons (50 pack) 10 sets (total 500 pack)
4 Wikimedia Project stickers (14 pack) 5 sets
5 Wikipedia pens (5 pack) 6 sets (total 30 pens)
6 Wikimedia project lapel pins (Wikipedia W, Wikipedia Globe,) 20 each for Special Guests/officials
7 Wikimedia Special Edition White Globe Pins 20 Nos Ministers/Special Guests

Endorsements edit