The TPS Program is now closed and no longer accepting applications. Please see Rapid Grants for other travel funding opportunities.

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Share your experience

Reports are your chance to bring value back to the Wikimedia movement by sharing your experiences with others.

Step 3: Report

  1. Submit your report within 2 weeks after the end of the event. Use the button provided on your accepted application to start your report. Or, start it using the input box provided here, naming your report in the form of YourName/EventName/Report.
  2. In your report, you will be asked to tell us how your funds were spent, and provide a link to one outcome from your participation. Instead of writing a detailed account of the event in your report, we want you to share the benefits of your participation more widely with the community. Your outcome could be a learning pattern to teach others something you've learned, a link to something new that was co-created by you and your fellow participants at the event, or a blog post you wrote to share your experience with others after the event.
  3. Email participation(_AT_) to notify the Participation Support Committee that your report is ready for review.
  4. If details are missing, the committee will ask for clarifications on the discussion page of your request (so be sure to add it to your watchlist and check back for updates regularly).
  5. Please submit complete receipts and other information as requested so that we can get your funds to you as quickly as possible.

Photo documentation is appreciated!Edit

Upload a photo to your report to give other Wikimedians an idea of what you did and who you met! We'd love to have new pictures of your experience to feature!