Grants:Simple/Applications/Macedonian User Groups/2020

Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Macedonian User Groups (Shared Knowledge and GLAM Macedonia)
Amount requested: EUR€43,194.24
Amount granted: EUR€43,194
Funding period: 1 January 2020 - 31 December 2020
Midpoint report due: 15 July 2020
Final report due: 30 January 2021

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Introduction edit

GLAM Macedonia and Shared Knowledge are recognized affiliates in Macedonia and they are working on promoting Wikipedia and other projects in the country. During last grant proposals last year (for 2019), Committee Members suggest both groups to have negotiation and to start work together or to find suitable solution for dividing activities per organisation. This negotiation failed and both groups receive reduced budgets for 2019.

On Wikimedia Summit 2019 in Berlin, participants from both groups, along with Committee Members and Wikimedia Foundation discuss both groups to proceed with joint grant proposal for 2020. Therefore, before this grant proposal, participants from both groups have two meetings, where they agree to have this grant proposal. On meetings, participants from both groups discuss joint projects as well, mentioned on this page.

Note: This is application for two Macedonian organizations. Explanation, metrics and objectives of the projects could be found on separate annual plans, linked above. Here under the line programs are listed only mutual objectives. The two organizations have some space used as office, Shared Knowledge has a bigger office (rent in co-working space), and GLAM Macedonia has a little one, used for free. Apart of this grant proposal, and joint projects, both organizations start procedure of finding proper office in 2020, which will be used by both organizations and employees, under the name of Macedonian Wikipedia.

  • GLAM Macedonia is a user group registered as NGO under the Macedonian law, with more than 150 signed members, and more than 25 active members, who mainly work with GLAM and EDU programs. The organizational body of organization is as this: president, five board members, ten coordinators of education and one GLAM coordinator. Members of GLAM Macedonia run 6 Wiki Clubs, organize many workshops and at least one Wiki Camp for underage students, work with GLAM institutions in the country, etc. Activities are noted on the web page and blog and here on Meta.
  • Shared Knowledge is an organisation of Wikimedians established in March 2014. We completed five annual plans from 2015 to 2019 so far, and our main work is are of Community, Partnerships and Education. From 2015 we have at least one employee, governed by five members of Executive Board of the organisation. All our reports you can here on Meta.

Programs edit


WikiLeague edit-a-thon held in March 2019
Wiki Gap Skopje edit-a-thon organized in October 2019
Meet Hungary, the Hungarian ambassador giving awards for best participants
Participants at Wiki Camp "Meet Germany 2019"
Photographic exhibition "Poland trough photographs" organized in December 2018

Community program is somehow mutual program for both organizations, as the aim of both user groups is to increase the number of active and involved editors which are not included in other programs. The editing challenges primarily aim to increase the content quality and fill content gaps on the Wikimedia project, but also to reach out to specialist groups of people and boost more productive editing by the experienced editors. The scope of the editing challenges in 2020 will include: edit-a-thons, editing contests, editing days, editing weekends, photograph contest, workshops, Wikipedia Day, etc. Note that Wikipedia Day will be celebrate together for the first time.

Also, sending Wikipedians to Wikimania and other important conferences (listed in the budget) will be done together, i.e. the two organizations will choose together whom to send.

Community support and expeditions are solely project of Shared Knowledge, which includes: Photohunts and Wikisketch Lessons throughout the entire year, and 10 expeditions overall.

Mutual objectives of the community program are:

  • To increase the number of involved volunteers;
  • Increase visibility of the user groups in society, by followers on social media (Facebook), number of blog posts and visits to them, and number of media and press mentions.

Measure of success:

  1. at least 15 organized events
  2. at least 10 media and press interviews or mentions to introduce Wikipedia and user groups work to the audience


The Education program has proved to be a successful way for engaging new users to contribute to the Macedonian Wikipedia and subsequently fill the content gaps on specialist topics through collaboration with educational institutions. The model of collaboration consists of running workshops on the process of editing Wikipedia articles intended for teachers and students who are going to apply this knowledge to create or improve Wikipedia articles as an tasks in the schooling process and assignment of the grading process.

This program includes: teachers conferences and training for teachers, training for adults and underage students (for secondary and high schools) via Wiki Clubs, Wiki Camp and other ways, including editing contest for students.

Mutual objectives of the education program are:

  • recruit new editors and contributors that will improve Wikimedia projects' content through education program activities;
  • add or improve the content (articles, multimedia content, references) of the existing Wikimedia projects
  • familiarise and introduce new Wikimedia editors with the basic concept of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, as well as with the Wikimedia Movement.
  • To educate and train teachers on how to use Wikipedia in classroom and implement Wikimedia projects as teaching tools;
  • To increase the number of content pages on Wikipedia in Macedonian (articles, references and multimedia files).

Measure of success:

  1. at least 3000 new articles as a result of the education program in 2020
  2. to train 100 new editors
  3. to recruit at least 50 of them
  4. at least 150 trained teachers regarding using and editing Wikipedia


Partnerships is Shared Knowledge project, which includes: Wikistreet and exhibitions. More about them could be found in Shared Knowledge annual plan for 2020.


GLAM program is solely of GLAM Macedonia, which includes collaboration with GLAM institutions and sending Wikipedian in Residence. More about activities could be found in GLAM Macedonia annual plan for 2020.

Reports edit

Midpoint Report edit

For the realization of the goals and metrics achieved during the midpoint period see SAPG/Metrics worksheet

For the financial report for the midpoint period see Financial Reports for both organizations


Shared Knowledge's half year's plan of managing projects has been significantly reduced the community support programme due to COVID-19 restrictions since mid March. Thus during the mid-point period we have implemented and realized the following projects which were envisioned in the Annual plan which were mostly non-contact projects: Editing challenges (3 editing competitions, 30 editing days, 20 editing weekends, 1 edit-a-thon), and Wikisketch Lessons (125 lectures).

GLAM Macedonia also felt the impact of the pandemics and its activities were affected significantly. Up to March 2020 the regular meetings between the members were held, where the on-going activities and plans were discusses . The covid-19 pandemics affected on the CEE Meeting plans and organization, which meant postponing the meeting for the next year. The unwanted situation was understood by the community. GLAM Macedonia members and the organization's goals and activities were featured in local media. Moreover, the FB page and two websites operated by GLAM Macedonia are constantly being used to outreaching its members, activities and general public in Macedonia.

It has to be mentioned that the third editing competion was a collaboration of the both users groups. It was organised for persons from 15 to 18 years old from April 15 to May 15. No certain theme was chosen and the title was "Necessary Articles". This means that participants were guided by a specific article that enlists which articles should and can be created. The results of the youth editors, which were eleven of them and nine being of the GLAM's Wiki Clubs, are 123 new articles.

Programme story: Human Rights Edit-a-thon - Shared Knowledge

Relating to the human rights month, when many activities are organised troughout the World and also on the other Wikipedias. So by knowing how important are human rights and how much they mean to society and to indivivuals, on February 7 we organised edit-a-thon alongside the Institute of Human Rights - Skopje who were eager to do activity on Wikipedia. The plan was to enrich and extend the informations on our Wikipedia by people specialised in this field. The event, held at the American Corner - Skopje was participated by five people from the Institute and three more additional people. Before they started editing, we were introduced of our organisation and they had 15 minute mentorship and guideline how to create their wiki accounts and use Wikipedia and her tools. At the end, 18 articles got created and one article was improved by the people who attended the event.

Wikipedia's anniversary

To mark the 19th anniversary of the founding of Wikipedia (Wikipedia 19), Shared Knowledge and GLAM Macedonia held an event in honour of this occasion. The second and important purpose of the event was to familiarise the public with the movement and its values, and invite them to participate so they could get to know each other between themselves and share experiences of Wikipedia or any kind. Additionaly, as a "gift" to Wikipedia, twenty users created or improved 20 articles on January 15.

International Roma Day Edit-a-thon 2020 - both groups

The International Roma Day Edit-a-thon 2020 lasted from April 7 to April 12. To keep up with the global project both Macedonian groups got involved. Shared Knowledge opened one editing day and one editing weekend and we covered articles about certain Roma people, Roma holydays, literature related to Roma people and/or culture. GLAM Macedonia activated its members to edit Roma related articles.

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos - both groups

In June, the two Macedonian users groups started to cooperate and joined the global campaign Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos (WPWP) created for attaching images, uploaded on Wikimedia Commons, to articles on the Macedonian Wikipedia. The goal is to enrich the articles on Macedonian language with images so the article could look more fulfilled and complete. In that order, we created main page about the campaign with all the information such as meaning of the campaign, terms to participate, guides how to participate, metrics, starting and ending dates of the campaigh, rewards of the best contesters and other. The before the contest started, many Wikipedians got informed about "WPWP" and also it was spread on social networks. The Macedonian contesters could participate parallel at the global campaign and possibly to get international awards also. We set the total award fund (€1000) with 9 awards, one being about €200 and eight €100. The two month campaign wil last from July 1 to August 31. Our metrics are 25 participants with at least 900 covered articles.


A photo with the Museum staff

Shared Knowledge managed to fulfill it's mission to go Museum of Tobacco located at the town of Prilep. One of the two partnership projects this year was collaboration with Museum of Tobacco. The plan was to gather photographs, informations, and literature related what is in the Museum and to upload them on Commons. By doing this, we show the works of the Museum of Tobacco and the Museum of Prilep in general at their several decades of continous deeds as a cultural institution, on Wikipedia.

Visit of the Museum of Tobacco

The visit was on March 11, where we were welcomed at the head-quarters of main Museum of Prilep, because Museum of Tobacco is it's department. Then we agreed to take not just media related to the Tobacco Musem, rather from all of departments of the Prilep Museum. Once in our hands, the photographs got uploaded with propper naming and descriptions of the exhibits of Tobacco Museum, as well photographs of the other divisions - the Memorial Museum "Kuzman Josifoski - Pitu" and the Memorial house "Blazhe Koneski".

The results were: 31 photographs of the exhibits related to the tobacco industry and consumption such as snuff boxes, smoke pipes, chibouks, tobacco boxes (cartridges) and tobacco slicers. Other uploaded images were 5 and 1 in numbers, from Memorial Museum "Kuzman Josifoski - Pitu" and the Memorial house "Blazhe Koneski" respectively. These are separate institutions under the Museum of Prilep.


The GLAM program of GLAM Macedonia is one of the main programs of the user group. The strong relations and collaborations between GLAM Macedonia and GLAM institutions in the country is productive and met the wanted goals. The relations are beneficial for the user group's programs and for the institutions themselves, especially in terms of collaboration with NGO sector and expending the fields of work with non-employees. GLAM Macedonia maintenance regular contacts with the Institute for the National History of Macedonia, The Archives of the Republic of Macedonia, Citi Library 'Braka Miladinovci' and the Museum of Natural Sciences in Skopje. These are institutions that GLAM Macedonia has signed memorandum for collaboration, has successfully completed several projects and activities. Due to the pandemics, this years workshops and WikiTours in these institutions were cancelled, even though the preparations from both parties were under way. Due to the pandemics, two workshops and wiki tours in the Military Museum of Macedonia were cancelled as well. Additionally, a memorandum for collaboration was signed with Veles Municipality.

GLAM Macedonia is expecting to continue the successful GLAM Macedonia programme this year, despite the pandemics, by signing two more memorandums for collaboration/ collaboration projects with The Institute for Nature in Ohrid and the Association of Writers of Macedonia.

Museum of Natural Science - Skopje

In February, an agreement for collaboration was signed with the Museum of Natural History of Macedonia located in Skopje. By doing that, we sent a Wikipedian in Residence so he can write articles from the material given by the mentioned institution. Then since mid March he had to continue to work from home, as he managed to get materials from the Museum to work on. Also, materials were shared with other active Wikipedians, who helped in creating new articles. His contributions continued the next months, and up to June 31th, 130 articles got created or improved about insects inhabitating our country Macedonia.


One of the main GLAM Macedonia's programs, the education, again proved to be successful despite the pandemic and the government imposed restrictions. The program successfully managed to grow, especially in terms of Wiki Clubs. The number of Wiki Clubs grew to seven, which means besides the Wiki Clubs on Skopje, Staro Nagoricane, Ohrid, Struga, Gevgelija, the Wiki Clubs in Veles and Shtip joined the program. The new members got trained lead persons who trained and educated new members to join, edit and improve Wikipedia. Until the pandemics, GLAM Macedonia Wiki Clubs trained 83 new members (368 editors since the start of the Wiki Clubs) and they created or improved 758 articles on Wikipedia (Activity results Check). Besides the Wiki Clubs, the huge interest for the Wiki Camp in Mavrovo pleasantly surprised GLAM Macedonia. All details were managed on time, prior the expected actual organization of the camp, but the pandemic stopped us from implementing it.

This year's plan at education section was according to the grant given by the Macedonian Government and within contained articles like shooting chemistry and physics experiments as videos, creating a wiki club, editing events at faculties and schools, organizing kid's trip to museums. The goals of the education program was to expand the knowledge and inform larger share of the population, trough the educational system, about Wikipedia and all Wikimedia projects. But considering that COVID-19 has restricted us, unfortunately some of these grant articles were not organized.

Rare Diseases Project - GLAM Macedonia

This year Wiki Club Ohrid continued with their project 'Rare Diseases'. The project was initiated on December 4 2019 and ended by the end of February. The members proved to quite productive, initially they worked as a part of a workshop, an idea that grew up into a project. The total number of kids involved is around 15 Wiki Club members, who worked on articles and took part in the several workshops organized by the club in Ohrid. The outcome of this project was more than 50 new or improved articles on the Macedonian Wikipedia on rare diseases.

Еducational program "Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics" - Skopje" - Shared Knowledge

In January, we managed to make 19 video records of chemistry experiments, recorded by three college professors at the "Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics" - Skopje. Later we uploaded them and each experiment was described for greater information and better understanding by the mentioned professors. These videos will be great for those who learn and study, or simply interested in chemistry.

The plan was also to shoot the physics experiments. But the pandemic restrictions has canceled our activities.

The editing event, at the Physics Department at the Faculty, had a go to create and improving articles related to physics and what the students are studying. With the physics professor Zajkov who informed and gathered several interested students, they conducted and edited 15 articles about astronomy, experiments, scientists, methods etc. Attendance of the event was nine people.

Wiki Clubs - GLAM Macedonia

Notable accomplishments were by made by the Ohrid and Skopje Clubs, but also the one in Štip. The first one, continued to edit articles related to the rare diseases. A project started from last year and finished in February with 50 articles, most of them created, about rare diseases. The Skopje Wiki Club, was not themed and it consisted of new Wikipedians being introduced it the world of Wikipedia, what is means and how to use it and edit it. Each of them had a chance to create an article via Wiki Translate tool at topic which they prefer. The Wiki Club at Shtip also continued to work and be productive. A new installment was Wiki Club Veles that started since February 18 after a memorandum for collaboration was signed with the Municipality of Veles.

This half year period, the Wiki Clubs were productive, even being online after the pandemics. Results in the first half of the year are: 83 new editors were trained with 758 articles were created or improved by its members.

Wiki Club FINKI - Shared Knowledge

In late February we opened Wiki Club at the "Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering" - Skopje. The goal was to be related in computer science so we could attract it's students and other interested people to be productive at Wikipedia. Plus we have evaluated that many articles at this field are not created. So with created template as guideline to the articles, they could've choose what to edit. 8 total people were included, of which three became new Wikipedians, and created 20 articles.

It has to be mentioned that only two sessions got implemented, with two other not. The two latter should have been organized in late March.

Editing Contest for Wiki Club members - GLAM Macedonia

During February, there was a 30 day editing contest for all Wiki Club's members. The results were: 66 participants, 134 new articles. Also the 15 best articles were announced.

Wiki Camp at Mavrovo Lake - GLAM Macedonia

The organization of Wiki Camp in March was unfortunately cancelled. Everything was set to have the camp organized at the Mavrovo Lake, we just waited the dates to come. However, again the pandemic affected this part of the program and everything was cancelled.

Workshops - GLAM Macedonia

GLAM Macedonia planned to have several workshops on different topics. The last one was held on March 6. Following March 6, due to government's decisions all grouping were cancelled and this impacted this part of GLAM program.

Final Report edit

The following sections gives a general overview of the work carried out by GLAM Macedonia and Shared Knowledge for the entire grant period. It breaks down into organizations' four programme areas (Education, Community, GLAM and Partnerships) and it portrays the organizations' successes in this period. For further details, please see our activity reports per months (detailed reports & detailed reports).

For the realization of the goals and metrics achieved during 2020 see SAPG/Metrics worksheet

For financial reports, you can see [ our financial report for period 01.01.-31.12.2020].


An online Wikisketch in July
Annual meeting 2020

The Community programme throughout the year was mostly impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions and it was about finding a way how to adapt and prevail in this socially limited period.

So, according to the annual plans (GM & SK) of the two groups, these projects got implemented: Editing challenges of which 5 editing competitions (among them the regional competition CEE Spring 2020; and another mutual one, held for students), 80 editing days, 46 editing weekends, 9 edit-a-thons (among them the special edition of WikiGap Skopje 2020), Expeditions (4 Wikiexpeditions, 2 Veloexpeditions), Wikisketch Lessons (148 lectures), and Photographic Contest.

On 19 September GLAM Macedonia members held an annual meeting, in which, according pandemic restrictions in our country, were allowed to be present only 8 persons.

GLAM Macedonia members and the organization's goals and activities were featured in local media. Moreover, the FB page and two websites operated by GLAM Macedonia ( and are constantly being used to outreach its members, activities and general public in Macedonia. It would be worth mentioning our appearance on the web site of, and the media coverage about the collaboration with a GLAM institution in Ohrid.

Program story: MacPortrait Photo Contest

Logo of the MacPortrait competition

Traditionally around October and November, a photographic contest was organized by the name MacPortrait that lasted from 15th October to 15th of November. With this competition we wanted to gather photos from famous, distinguished and notable Macedonian people, taken from near distance, so they can be afterwards used in documentary and informative character on Wikipedia. Many of the covered individuals lacked their own photo on Wikipedia and/or the other projects, and from this point the photos in future could be used for illustrating in the articles related to their respective individuals, as well for other projects. This year we had awarded 4 awards for the top four placed in the competition, as well one special prize. The overall results of the photographic competition was 593 images, uploaded by five participants.

The winning photographs

EXPEDITIONS - Shared Knowledge

The expeditions were on "full throttle" after September in order to achieve the established goals by the annual plan.

The planned four Wikiexpeditions were organized, in four different regions across the country such as Kičava and Rabetinkol (September), Osogovo region, Bregalnica region (both in October), and the Region of Ovče Pole (November) as the final one. Four different people were part of this type of expedition. The Wikiexpeditions, with their main goal to cover the remote rural settlements in Macedonia, explored villages, landscapes, churches, mosques, schools, housings, landmarks, etc.

When it comes to Veloexpeditions, the bicycle runned ones, few of them were organised.

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos - both groups

The campaign's logo

As previously mentioned in the Midpoint report, GLAM Macedonia and Shared Knowledge gathered the forces and joined the wiki-international Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos (WPWP) and by that we held our local contest titled Статии без илустрација for attaching images on the respective articles on the Macedonian Wikipedia. The two month campaign from July 1 to August 31, was characterized with high number of contesters (twenty-two people). When it comes to the numbers of images used and articles covered, 2744 images were inserted in 1882 related articles. Eight people fulfilled the qualification to get an award, so they were the ones who got prized.

To be noted, this project was not listed in the annual plan, rather it was constructed around the month of May 2020.

Wikitours - Shared Knowledge

The second WikiTour and the Cocev Kamen observatory behind the group.

Wikitours were a new concept that supposed to replace the planned WikiCamp in May. This project, just as many, was funded by Macedonian Government no matter if it was the camp or the tours, and aimed to gather a hand full of people who supposed to created/improve articles related to the places visited or free by will editing, and to take photos of historical buildings, institutions (cultural, educational, administrative, religious), monuments, and other sites at the certain tour. This replacement to-do goal started in September, just after the Wikipedian lock-out, with the tour being travelled to the town of Veles and it's area. Next location was the the town of Kratovo and the nearby megalithic observatory of Cocev Kamen. The third and fourth installments were in November, when the good weather was on our side, and the towns of Kavadarci and Gevgelija got visited and covered. When it comes to participations of people, there were 29 of them. All these participants managed to create 59 articles and to improve four articles, and additionally to upload 108 images of notable places and sites that where visited.

Wiki loves Suistanable Development Goals - Shared Knowledge

The international logo

We have joined the international initiative Wiki loves Sustainable Development Goals and represented it to the Macedonian Wikipedian community what it means as a movement, their influece. By that, we organized a week period editing contest with prizes, titled in Macedonian Цели за одржлив развој. From September 19 to September 26, seven people were part of this 'week-a-thon' and they created exactly 100 articles and improved one. To enter in possible award winning, the contesters had to cover at least 25 articles. The best two participants quallyfied to get an award.

Wiki for United Nations - Shared Knowledge

Initiative logo

Same concept like the above mentioned week-a-thon. From October 24 to 31, a weekly editing competition was held, as part of the Wikipedian international initiative deliberately themed to commemorate the founding day of the United Nations which is on October 24. In our Macedonian Wikipedian community, five people participated and contributed in 126 new articles and one improved article related about branches of the Organization of the United Nations. The top three participants were awarded prizes in form of vouchers.


Making the outreach and cooperating with national institutions, such as GLAM ones, is one the key essences of GLAM Macedonia user group. This year we have send several volunteers to serve as Wikipedian in Residence. Also, other activities with GLAM institutions were held, some of them being in the previoulsy partnered institutions of the past years.

Wikipedian in Residence

Despite the pandemic times, the Wikipedians in Residence managed to fulfill their obligations of collecting materials, literature and other data, related within the respective institution, and to enrich the Macedonian articles. As for new agreements for collaboration, we signed with the Institute of Natural Science in Ohrid back in August, the Writers' Association of Macedonia collaborating since July, the Museum of Natural History of Macedonia, and with the Municipality of Veles. The latter two were concluded during the first six months of the year.

In this year, GLAM Macedonia members and Wikipedian in Residence managed to edit (new or existing) articles more than 250 articles on specific topics: about insects in Macedonia, about Macedonian writers and books, and about flora and fauna of the Ohrid Lake.


Just like last year, that strengthened the collaboration between the us two, the Goethe Institut was again a patron for Shared Knowledge's activities in this program. This entity serves as institution of the Federal Republic of Germany that operates in learning the German language and nursing a international cultural cooperation.

GLAM Macedonia continued successfully to organize the Wiki Clubs, spreading the grid of Wikipedia among the teenage population. We also managed, after the end Wikipedian lockout, to organize the teachers conferences. When we adapted to online presence, we managed to hold more GLAM Macedonia's edit-a-thons than the planned two for this 2020.

Wikiexperiments - Shared Knowledge

Logo of the project

Wikiexperiments is project that started in 2015 and is focused on recording high-quality videos of systematically selected experiments for the purposes of illustrating important scientific concepts and phenomena in chemistry and physics. This year it was funded through the collaboration of Goethe Institute in Skopje, during the fourth quarter of the year.

Contrasting the chemistry experiments filmed in February, the project-plan included shooting a series of physics experiments, with the accent put on the German scientists in order to promote the German discoveries and achievements. The filming was held at the Institute of Physics, a department of the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in Skopje. This feat started in late October, with more filming in mid December. All the experiments were presented by the professor Oliver Zajkov who was able to make 23 videos of experiments. Now these experiments could be widely used by the other Wiki communities and other projects, for better presentation and implementation in their respective teaching.

Suma sumarum, the overall number of experiments covered in this year was 42, considering the previous 19 videos of chemistry experiments that were funded by the Macedonian Government.

Moments taken at the experiments shooting

Wiki Clubs - GLAM Macedonia

Through out most of the months in year 2020, several Wiki Clubs gathering have been made, mostly being online due to safety reasons. Announcing in November, in order to praise their efforts and to motivate the club members in the future, we presented them with prizes in December. The prizes were meant for the most dedicated and noteworthy members, noting that the second and the third places were shared between two members, so five teenagers got credits for their work during 2020.

This activity ended in December 11 when the last Wiki Club meeting was held at the Wiki Club Skopje when nine people got practice on how to use Wikipedia. Overall, 94 new editors were trained in Wiki Clubs, in 2020. All activities of Wiki Club's members are on project page on outreach dashboard.

Moments taken at the Wiki Club meetings

Edit-a-thons - GLAM Macedonia

GLAM Macedonia's edit-a-thons are generally comprised of the Wiki Club members and themed on some certain topic. Two edit-a-thons were listed in the annual grant to be organized by GLAM Macedonia, but we managed an additional three edit-a-thons. Originally the events should have been organized in physical presence during a several hours time span. But due to the pandemic, we have adapted as a online event with a 24 hour time span. The first one was held in September comemorating the 75 years after the World War II and served as Macedonian installment of World War II… 75 Years After. The second one in October, was held at the Wiki Club Staro Nagoričane as part of the project Meet Srpska, that has a goal to promote Republic of Srpska within the Wikipedia and the Wikimedian community. The last three were conducted at December 9, 11 and 12-13, mostly of the being joined at international initiatives. The one on 9th was part of global editing Women in Climate Change. The next one was organized and themed after the Mountain Day. The last one was occured during the weekend and it was titled "Ottoman Culture".

When it comes to numbers, there were 46 participations and 83 newly established articles.

Teachers conferences - GLAM Macedonia

The teachers conferences serve for invocating, introducing, sharing and mentoring about Wikipedia. The main target group, the teachers, are gathered at their respective elementary school where they teach and to introduce them with Wikipedia, how is started as a project, the goals of Wikipedia, it's colums of objectivism within it's articles and as a project in general. The goal of the conferences is to make the teachers to implement Wikipedia at their pupils, enlarging the boundary of our Wikipedian community and this project of Wikipedia could have bigger productivity. This year we held three conferences of this kind and the first one being held in September at the "St. Clement of Ohrid" Elementary School in Dračevo, a village near the capital of Skopje. The second one was also in September and a week later after the first one, this being held in the town of Veles. The third and final one was organized in the Municipality of Debarca. The overall outcome was over 100 people who attended these three conferences.

Moments of all three conferences

Grant Metrics Reporting edit

Metrics, targets and results: grants metrics worksheet here.