Wiki loves Sustainable Development Goals

Planning and organization Wiki Loves SDGsEdit

General project idea

Spread free knowledge about the 17 SDGs and their key content topics through WikipediaEdit

Gather NGO and university experts from the field and Wikipedians to gather content and references, culminating in well-planned edit-a-thons, both offline events, and virtual ones.

Purpose of the projectEdit

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals proposed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 to be accomplished by 2030. Key to making the SDG process successful is to make the information and data on the 17 goals available and understandable. Wikipedia is a powerful – perhaps the most powerful – tool for disseminating concepts and the latest findings of the scientific community to the public. Wikipedia is the 5th most used website on the internet. Yet, its potential remains under-utilized by most scientists due to the lack of coordinated effort, incentives and insufficient awareness of Wikipedia’s communication power.

Wikimania Stockholm in August 2019 had as theme "Stronger Together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals". As a follow up the idea is to gather NGO and university experts from the field and Wikipedians to host edit-a-thons. Project-everyone has a wide network of contacts in NGO and universities.

What about the title Wiki Loves SDGs?Edit

Most notable, at least within the Wikimedia Movement, is Wiki Loves Monuments, an annual photo hunt and contest of monumental buildings. The Wiki Loves X branding has been used for all kinds of Wikimedia community organized events. The general meaning is to have a focused collaborative effort on a specific theme. Not all Wiki Loves X projects are photo hunts. Original idea of Wiki Loves SDGs is to focus on writing Wikipedia articles relating to SDGs. The question came up naturally to also include a kind of photo hunt to illustrate those articles, and to illustrate the gap between current situation and projected situation.

Wiki Loves SDGs is the working title of the project. It has a clear appeal, at least to people who are knowledgeable about the SDGs. This is good. We want to attract people who are knowledgeable about the SDGs to participate and share their knowledge.

Proposed work to be supported:Edit

Task 1: Editing, updating and improving 17 SDG Wikipedia articles plus related articles on topics relevant to each SDG.

  • Recruiting scientists from different NGOs and universities across the globe. The scientists’ role will be to provide content as well as seek content from the scientific community.
  • Quantifying the quality of the Wikipedia articles in question before work starts (conducting a baseline study) and after the editing has been completed. Quality metric indicators to be used have been defined and are a mixture of quantitative and qualitative parameters.
  • Compiling a list of global and local SDG leaders who merit a biography on Wikipedia. Writing biographies for Wikipedia has been proven a successful goal for WikiGap, on which we can build further.
  • Deciding on which Wikipedia articles to work on based on a combination of high view rates and importance of the topics. Select at least four Wikipedia articles for in-depth revision for each SDG, totaling 68 Wikipedia articles. For example for SDG 2 (“zero hunger”), the related topics may include hunger, malnutrition, food security, sustainable agriculture.

Task 2: Edit-a-thons

  • Translating the findings into Wikipedia content.
  • Recruiting Wikipedians to join scientists.
  • Organizing edit-a-thons at event locations to be determined.

Task 3: Coordination and communication

  • Project coordination, including establishing collaboration with several university partners to leverage SDG expertise
  • Wikipedia instruction & guidance of all others, quality assessment, project communication.

To promote the SDGs events will be organized in the UK, US, France, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Ghana and the Nordic countries. For example, on September 25th, 2020 there will be the SDG Action Day event. The idea is to have the edit-a-thon the day before.

We will build on the example of WikiGap - on international women's day (March 8), people gather in Swedish embassies (about 80 countries) to write biographies about women and people working towards the SDGs (scientists, politicians, activists, etc.) for Wikipedia.

Thematic focus of the edit-a-thonsEdit

There are several options in terms of the focus of the edit-a-thons:

Table 1: Options and examples for thematic focus of the edit-a-thons. Combinations of options might be possible.

Option Examples
  • SDG pages themselves, to include up to date references which reflect latest UN data and developments.
There is an SDG overview page:

but only SDG 6 and SDG16 have their own pages currently):



  • Topics and scientific terms that are central to the SDGs
For each SDG we could identify some (for example 5 or 10) topics and terms that require improved Wikipedia articles.


  • For Goal 13 (Climate action), the Wikipedia article on climate change & global warming: w:Global_warming and others related to climate change
  • For Goal 14 (Life below water), the Wikipedia article on ocean acidification:

w:Ocean_acidification and marine diversification: w:Marine_Biodiversity

  • Similarly for the 15 other SDGs
  • SDG leaders
Compiling a list of global and local SDG leaders who merit a biography on Wikipedia. Writing biographies for Wikipedia has been proven a successful goal for WikiGap, on which we can build further.
  • Country pages updated with SDG info to show progress/action taken at a national level, to hold governments to account.

Brazil: w:Brazil

Problem: this is a high level article which has a given template. We would need to see where in the template it fits and might not be able to add much detail. The detail would probably have to be added in a sub article like “SDGs in Brazil”

Example: SDGs in Iran:


  • Activist and movement pages to show links to the SDGs, where relevant (following the model of wikigaps).

Goalkeeper: w:Goalkeeper-Gate_Foundation

United Nations Sustainable Development Group: w:United_Nations_Sustainable_Development_Group
Action for Climate Empowerment: w:Action_for_Climate_Empowerment


There will be an SDG Action Day on September 25th, 2020, around the globe in many countries, in many cities. We project to hold edit-a-thons the day before.


We are collecting prospective names of local project leads under the headings below. Please add a heading for your country, and add your wiki name (in wiki text * ~~~~)

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