Macedonian User Groups/Staffing plan 2020

This is the Staffing plan of the two employees employees of Shared Knowledge for 2020. It is a page linked to from the Grants:Simple/Applications/Macedonian User Groups/2020.

As Shared Knowledge is one of the applicants in joint grant for 2020, these two employees will be responsible to conduct duties and projects for organization GLAM Macedonia, as well.

Emmployees edit

Community Manager edit

The work time of Community Manager amounts to 6 hours per day, including 4 paid hours and 2 volunteer hours. The number of volunteer hours of the Community Manager from the work days only is 480 throughout the year.

The main responsibilities of the Community Manager in 2020 are the following:

  • recruiting volunteers who would be involved in the Wikimedia projects;
  • conducting training in high and secondary schools, as well as other institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, universities etc.
  • negotiating all aspects of the collaboration with prospective partners along with the Wikimedian volunteers;
  • managing projects, acting as liaison and coordinating with the Wikimedian volunteers and other individuals and subjects involved;
  • communication with community members regarding some of the programs and sub-programs;
  • operative planning of the execution of projects in terms of helping individuals get involved in performing project duties and tasks;
  • organizing events and promotional activities for the projects and the movement;
  • holding lectures and training about the movement along with respective Wikimedian volunteers;
  • reporting on activities on regular basis and be held accountable for the work; and
  • promoting the organisational work on the social media.

Administration and Logistics Manager edit

The work time of Administration and Logistics Manager amounts to 6 hours per day, including 4 paid hours and 2 volunteer hours. The number of volunteer hours of the Administration and Logistic Manager from the work days only is 480 throughout the year.

Тhe main responsibilities of the Administration and Logistics Manager in 2020 are the following:

  • making contracts and preparing other documentation needed;
  • making bank transfers for all purposes and reporting on regular basis about the bank account balance;
  • calculating taxes, preparing tax reports and submitting them to the Public Revenue Office;
  • preparing documentation on statutory changes, preparing financial statements and cultivating contacts with the Central Registry;
  • following changes in legislature, informing the membership about the changes and working towards compliance with them;
  • activity management and following deadlines for projects;
  • reporting about the organisational work to the community members;
  • organizing supplies and services necessary for the projects and seeing that they respond on time;
  • granting awards to participants; and
  • providing support to the work of the Community Manager in organizing events, community-facing work, such as work with schools (i.e. recruiting, giving lectures, preparation and giving out awards), but also the more logistical aspects of event management.

Governance edit

Shared Knowledge has at least one employee since 2014. Managing employees within Shared Knowledge is based on regular mails and internal meetings between employees and Board Members.

Although this grant is jointly requested, these two employees will be employed in the organization Shared Knowledge and organization will be legally accountable for them in terms of responsibilities and salaries. Note that the employees will not have free access to the bank account, as every transfer has to be signed by two Board members of Shared Knowledge in order to be processed.

As both Macedonian User Groups discussed on their two meetings, they agree to have two employees in requested grant proposal for 2020.

Therefore, both employees funded from this grant will have obligations to support activities on both organizations. Both organizations will inform each other on beginning of the month on e-mail for planned activities during respective month in order Board Members of Shared Knowledge to inform both employees for planned activities of both organizations, so they have sufficient time for preparations of planned activities of both organizations. The both employees will have to send report by e-mail about their work monthly to both organizations, and at least once in three months period of time, Board Members assigned of both organizations will have internal meeting to talk with or without employees for activities mentioned in this grant.