Grants:Project/Rapid/WikiJournal 2017b

statusnot funded
Mikael Häggström / WikiJournal User Group
Bank account and trademark
start dateApril 30
start year2017
end dateJune 30
end year2017
budget (local currency)2700 SEK
budget (USD)306 USD
grant typePersonal
non-profit statusyes
organization (if applicable)• WikiJournal of Medicine
website (if applicable)•

Project GoalEdit

Overall the goals of this grant are to advance the WikiJournal User Group and its flagship WikiJoural of Medicine, and to lay groundwork for potential formation of WikiJournals as a thematic organization within the WMF. This will further the project's aims of attracting quality assured content that can be used across Wikimedia projects.

  1. Register WikiJournal as a trademark. It will be registered in Sweden, and then be declared internationally by the Madrid Trademark System. This will help protect the name of the organization from discredit by others who may use the same name otherwise.
  2. Open a bank account for WikiJournal of Medicine, to be accessible for only trusted members of the organization. This will allow future grant applications to be directed directly to the organization instead of to a private account.

Project PlanEdit


What resources do you have? No other available resources for this purpose. The funds from the previous grant already have specific targets.

What resources do you need?

  • Fee for opening a bank account: 900 SEK
  • Fee for registering WikiJournal as a trademark: 1 800 SEK

Total: 2700 SEK.


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