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Create a New Cohort > 4. Upload

There are two ways to upload a cohort into Wikimetrics.

1. Upload a ".csv" or ".txt" file. Choose the file from your computer's folders. If you have not done so already, please review: Formatting your Cohort File
2. Copy/Paste or enter list of usernames into the text box, one username per line. You only need to specify the project (i.e. "username1, enwiki") if you will need data from more than one project.

Wikimetrics upload cohort - uploadfile.png

Once your file is selected, be sure to select whether your file contains usernames or user IDs.

Expand Cohort - This is a new feature with WIkimetrics that allows you to grow your cohort, based on the total number of projects that your users have visited while being logged in. For example, let's say you primarily edit english wikipedia, but occasionally edit spanish wikipedia and Commons. You have also visited the Arabic Wikipedia once. When you expand your username, it will duplicate your username, once for each project: enwiki, eswiki, commonsiwki, and arwiki. If your cohort includes 20 people, where each has visited 10 wikimedia projects at any time while being logged in, the final cohort will include 200 usernames across the various projects that were visited.

When all fields are filled, select Upload CSV