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Part 1. Wikimetrics Overview
Wikimetrics Training Overview
What is Wikimetrics?
Data organization of Wiki pages
Program vs Project
How does Wikimetrics Work?
Data Analysis with Wikimetrics
Available Metrics
Part 2. Making Your Cohort File
The Cohort File
Usernames, User IDs, and Cohorts
Collecting your Cohort
Obtaining Consent
Cohort Upload Options
Cohort File Format
Cross Project Cohorts
Part 3. Using the Wikimetrics Tool
Logging into Wikimetrics
Upload Cohort
Name your cohort
Cohort Description
Set Default Project
Upload File
Cohort Validation
Invalid Users
Remove Cohort
Create Report
Video: Upload Cohort
Create Analysis Report
Pick Cohorts
Pick Metrics
1. Bytes Added
2. Edits
3. Pages Created
4. Threshold
5. Survival
Important Tips and Tricks
Configure Output
Run Report and Report Output
Video: Run Report
Cohort Storage and Sharing
Using your new data
Questions and Troubleshooting

  Wikimedia Training Wikimetrics Menu

The Organization of Wikimedia

Wikimedia is made up of a collection of websites known as Wikimedia Projects, which together make up the core of the Wikimedia movement. These websites use a piece of open source software called MediaWiki.

What is a Wikimedia Project?

A Wikimedia Project is one of the several collaborative initiatives that are developed by users around the world. These include projects like each language Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary, and many others.

What is a Project Namespace?

Within each Wikimedia Project, webpages are categorized and stored by namespace. For example, in the English Wikipedia, all article pages are grouped into one namespace while all talk pages are grouped into another.

Each Wikimedia project has a different set of namespaces. The number of namespaces also varies from project to project but each has more than ten.

Wikimedia Projects
English Wikipedia
Spanish Wikipedia
German Wikipedia
(+ many other language Wikipedias)
Wikimedia Commons
Project Namespaces
Example for English Wikipedia only
0: Article namespace
1: Talk page
2: User
3: User Talk, etc.
4: Media
More on Namespaces...