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Conference & Event Funds

The Conference & Event Grants program provides funding and planning support to groups or organizations to host local or regional conferences that bring Wikimedians together for experience sharing, skill building, and networking.

Event categories and dates

The conference grant proposal process is designed to support advance planning and collaboration so that movement events make the most of the time and money invested in them.

Funding is generally awarded to three broad categories of movement events:

  • Thematic events such as GLAM Bootcamp, WikiWomen's Camp and Wiki Loves Monuments International team strategy meeting
  • National and regional conferences like WikiConference India, WikiConference North America and Regional affiliate meetings such as WikiArabia, CEE Meeting and Wiki Indaba
  • Growth events which focus on new innovative ideas and events focusing on movement growth.

You can read more about each category here.

However, as aligned with the Wikimedia Movement’s strategic direction, striving to be a robust and Thriving movement, we will highly welcome and prioritize proposals:

  • From underrepresented communities from all parts of the world, that demonstrate growth and capacity building as core goals and outcomes.
  • That support implementation of the new Wikimedia 2030 Strategy recommendations.
  • That consider partnering with affiliates and creating regional/thematic/growth coalitions within the movement, to align agendas, enhance equity and to invest in movement leadership infrastructure, for a greater strategic impact.
  • That include an outreach component by partnering with open knowledge allies, to expand our global footprint.
  • That welcome and empower new participants and contributors in the Wikimedia movement, that will include a clear and scalable newcomers engagement plan.

Remote events – remember that you can always consider applying for a virtual event grant instead of an in-person one. Please also read our new requirements, guidelines and tips for organizing remote events.

For detailed information please review the Wikimedia Foundation Conference and Event Grants Eligibility criteria, and the Wikimedia Foundation’s Medium-term plan goals.

Important information:

  • For grants under $5,000 USD, please see the Rapid Grants program
  • Grant requests are accepted 2 times per year following the schedule below
  • Contact us at conferencegrants as soon as you begin planning an event to discuss timelines and eligibility. It is recommended to inform the conference grant program officer of your plans to apply at least two months before the application cycle begins.

Please note that starting Round 2, 2023 - we will accept applications via Fluxx. You can read more about the new application process on Grants:Conference/Apply.

Round 3 2021-2022 expedited round schedule

Proposal Deadline: June 13, 2022

Staff Eligibility Review and Feedback: June 14 - June 28, 2022

Proposal Revisions: June 29 - July 6, 2022

Finalizing + Announcements: July 6 - July 12, 2022


Round 1 2022-2023 schedule

Proposal deadline: September 5, 2022

Staff eligibility review and feedback (and Community review): September 5-23, 2022

Proposal revision deadline: September 30, 2022

Committee review: September 30- October 14, 2022

Grantees announced: November 1, 2022

Event dates: January - June 2023


Round 2 2022-2023 schedule

Proposal deadline: February 6, 2023

Staff eligibility review and feedback (and Community review): February 6-24 , 2023

Proposal revision deadline: March 3, 2023

Committee review: March 3-17, 2023

Grantees announced: March 31, 2023

Event dates: July - December 2023


Conference Grants Program Officer

Lead Program Officer for Conference & Events Funds
Location: Pittsburgh, USA
Timezone: GMT-5
Language(s) spoken: Hebrew, English

We can not do this work without our community committee!

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