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00:00:00.650,00:00:05.577 So one semester, I had a student who was writing a report on the novel Frankenstein,

00:00:05.900,00:00:10.478 and I have contributed to the article on Mary Shelley, and to the article on Frankenstein.

00:00:10.986,00:00:16.398 And whole swaths of the paper were plagiarized from the article I wrote on Mary Shelley.

00:00:17.300,00:00:22.792 Brad Pityt

00:00:23.200,00:00:25.000 My name is Adrianne Wadewitz.

00:00:25.500,00:00:28.721 When I was a little kid, like seven or eight years old,

00:00:28.721,00:00:32.759 I started reading big, long nineteenth-century novels, and I fell in love with them.

00:00:32.759,00:00:36.062 I wrote my dissertation on eighteenth-century British children's literature

00:00:36.062,00:00:41.416 and I wanted to share what I had the opportunity to learn about, with the world.

00:00:41.750,00:00:46.830 When someone goes to see a film like Becoming Jane, which is a film about Jane Austen,

00:00:46.831,00:00:48.596 you know -- I want to know more about Jane Austen,

00:00:48.596,00:00:51.096 and then they type it in to Google, and they get the Wikipedia article,

00:00:51.232,00:00:54.473 that they actually know what really happened to Jane Austen's life versus

00:00:54.473,00:00:58.926 this fictionalization that happened in the film, because that film was a total fiction.

00:00:58.926,00:01:01.900 One reason that I try to recruit professors

00:01:01.900,00:01:07.626 to have them have students write actual articles in the classroom is

00:01:07.626,00:01:11.148 we want to show students how to use Wikipedia productively,

00:01:11.542,00:01:15.042 so one of the things I did was develop a Wikipedia writing assignment.

00:01:15.653,00:01:22.253 so that you weren't writing your essays for me, the professor and I was the only person who was going to see them.

00:01:22.312,00:01:27.105 The world was going to see what you wrote and it mattered what you wrote and how you wrote it,

00:01:27.800,00:01:30.368 because millions of people were going to see what you wrote.

00:01:30.777,00:01:35.977 So, whenever I have students put together an article or add material to an article,

00:01:35.981,00:01:41.500 I have them think about what does it mean to construct an article out of a variety of sources

00:01:41.500,00:01:46.560 and what kinds of sources are being used, and what does that mean for our understanding of that topic?

00:01:46.558,00:01:50.140 How is knowledge being constructed in this particular area?

00:01:50.550,00:01:55.000 I've come across very informed amateurs on Wikipedia; that is what is so great,

00:01:55.000,00:02:00.820 that people who are hobbyists who love a particular topic, and then they start adding information,

00:02:01.342,00:02:03.930 and that is what makes Wikipedia so great;

00:02:03.943,00:02:09.560 it brings together both professionals and amateurs who have a love for a particular topic.

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