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The flickr group for the wiki love campaign has been created and now we need the text to be translated. Within the admin option of flickr you can have the group in the following languages:

  • English - of course this is already there :-)
  • French - draft done, proofreading done
  • German - draft done, proofreading done
  • Italian - draft done, proofreading done
  • Korean - posted request for help on ko.wikipedia--Sabine 11:08, 10 September 2007 (UTC)
  • Portuguese - draft done, proofread done
  • Romanian - draft done, proofread done
  • Spanish - draft done, proofread done
  • Traditional Chinese - draft done, proofreading done
  • Dutch - draft done, proofreading done


I already pasted the text in English to all the subpages, please, if you start to work on the text, leave a note at top of the page and save before starting to translate so that other people know the text is being translated and we won't have edit conflicts.

Thank you!

Text to be translated (already on the language pages above)

Why do you love Wikipedia?
  • We want to know why you love Wikipedia! * Submit a picture that illustrates your fondness for the online encyclopedia. Pictures can be creative, funny, deep, emotional, or whatever you want them to be. Additionally, ask your family and friends why they love Wikipedia, and post their pictures as well.

Make sure to tag your pictures with wikilove2007.

If you would like to license your picture under a copy left license, please do so under the description box.

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