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Buttons and Banners for the fundraiser


These buttons and logos are thought to be available for people who would like to help with links from their websites and blogs etc. Therefore the designs need to be in the public domain, but of course, the creator should be known from the download page of the button/banner itself. Being them in the public domain the actual wikimedia logos may not be used since they are copyrighted. The Wikimedia Community Logos might be an alternative that can be used to create the buttons. But of course the designer is free to create his/her own design. When it comes to texts on the buttons and banners, it should be possible to localize them.

Competition / Submission


We will not have a real competition since each of the designed buttons/banners can be used by who likes it, but we will have a section in the upper part that says most used buttons/banners. The buttons and banners are to be uploaded on commons so that anybody can download them from there and we can connect to them from any wikimedia project. The design must then be integrated on the page for Buttons and Banners on meta. For the most used ones we should (will) provide complete html code to be copied and pasted to ones blog or homepage (of course also for the others the same could be offered if we find enough people to help with the admin of them). (Note: are there any problems in doing this directly on commons? If so we should think about a place where we can offer them - not all blogs, personal pages allow for the upload of logos and the creation of links - users there are required to insert only the html.)

Preferred texts to be used on the buttons and banners


These texts should be localized.



Please create your design with one of the following dimensions:

  • 180 x 60 px
  • 120 x 240 px
  • 468 x 60 px


  • Donate for <project name>


  • Knowledge is power. Help keep it free!
  • Give the gift of knowledge by donating to <project name>
  • Knowledge is a human right. Help to protect it!
  • Wikimedia Commons: Free images for all.

Text to be posted in the various beer parlours:

Buttons and Banners for Fundraiser 2007


Hi, as I already said in my first post: we need help for the fundraiser and therefore contact all communities for different things to do. This time I am searching the graphics enthusiasts among you who would like to contribute with a Button or Banner for the Fundraiser that people then could use for their Blogs, Homepages etc. to show that they support the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. If you have fun in designing your button or banner: please do so. You can find further information on meta. Thank you! -- <date> Sabine

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