Quarter four edit

  • Summary: The 2006 Q4 fundraiser, held from 16 December 2006 to 15 January 2007, followed a successful audit and gathered roughly 1,040,000$US. Statistics are available at foundation:Fundraising report.
  • Localization: The fourth quarter 2006 fundraising introduced customizable global sitenotices, primarily for translation. Empty or inexistent sitenotices defaulted to the global notice. See Fundraising/2006/Sitenotice Q4 for more details.
  • Matching donations: The donation count was boosted by matching donations from an anonymous donor and corporate charity branch Virgin Unite. The Virgin Unite matching donation was controversial because a Virgin Unite logo was temporarily placed at the top of every page on all wikis. Some users in the community regarded the logo as the first step to allowing advertisement on Foundation projects. The logo prompted long discussion about advertising on the mailing lists, with many Wikimedians very critical about the board's decision to make the arrangement with Virgin and others supporting it.