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|imagine-a-world='''Imajine yon monn'''<br>
nan kilès la tout moun genyen acsè lib pou tout konesans ki genyen nan lemonn.
— ''J.Wales, Fondatè Wikipedya a''
|video-options='''Klike isit''' pou wè plis opsyon plebak pou videwo sa.
|boxtitle=Sa ou pa konnen apwopo Wikipedya
|storycontent=Èske ou konnen ki moun ki rele '''Patricio Lorente'''?

Si ou gade li konsa, premye fwa, Patricio sanble yon Ajanten menm – li renmen foutbòl, manje ki byen gou, and spending time with friends. When Patricio began working for an international development agency in 1991 he became deeply aware of the disparity that existed between those that "have and don't have."

Today Patricio and his friends from Wikimedia Argentina are researching ways to help underprivileged students and schools in Argentina with textbooks created with Wikipedia's free content.

With your donations we'll help Patricio and his friends to transform the reality of many underprivileged people in his homeland into something positive and hopeful.

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===Buy Wikipedia/Wikimedia merchandise===
You can help popularize Wikipedia and Wikimedia by purchasing merchandise through our Cafe Press shop. Part of every purchase goes to the Wikimedia Foundation. Visit for details. 

===Support freenode===
The people who run the Wikimedia Foundation and those who maintain our servers and the MediaWiki software heavily use [[w:en:Internet Relay Chat|Internet Relay Chat]] (IRC) to communicate. The particular service we use is called freenode. See to see how you can help. 

===Help PlanetMath===
Many mathematics articles in Wikipedia have been started from material from [[w:PlanetMath|PlanetMath]] (both projects share the same free content license). That project, however, needs additional funds to keep going. Donations made to, Ltd. are tax deductible in the United States. See for more information and donation links. 
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|title=You can help Wikimedia<br>change the world