Countervandalism Network/Hosting

CVN logo.svg Countervandalism network

The countervandalism network
is a distinct group. It is neither
affiliated with nor managed by the
Wikimedia Foundation.

The countervandalism network offers free server hosting for official bots and related tools. In order to minimize performance and maintenance footprint, bots redundant with others already hosted will not be hosted. This is intended to improve bot uptime and performance, and remove their high resource burden from the Wikimedia toolserver and bot operators.


The server runs 64-bit Linux, with 1500GB of space and a 15GB bandwidth quota. Hosted bot operators may request individual FTP access, databases, and shell access.

Relevant modules and services:

  • system
    • Apache 2.2.6 (Unix)
    • MySQL 5
    • PostgreSQL
    • CGI
    • .htaccess overrides permitted
    • cron
  • Language support
    • Perl 5
    • PHP 4 & 5
    • Python
    • Ruby/Ruby On Rails 1.1

If you require features not listed above, contact Pathoschild to find out whether they are available.