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The countervandalism network
is a distinct group. It is neither
affiliated with nor managed by the
Wikimedia Foundation.



Bot Wiki Channel Comment Software
COIBot - #cvn-sw (possibly others) See COIBot/help.
Cubbie commons.wikimedia #cvn-commons-uploads CVNBot
CVNBot1 en.wikipedia #cvn-wp-en CVNBot
CVNBot2 ru.wikipedia #cvn-wp-ru CVNBot
CVNBot3 es.wikipedia #cvn-wp-es Used to be #cvn-es-scan. CVNBot
CVNBot4 co.wikipedia co.wiktionary eml.wikipedia fur.wikipedia it.wikibooks it.wikinews it.wikiquote it.wikisource it.wikiversity it.wikivoyage it.wiktionary lij.wikipedia nap.wikipedia pms.wikipedia roa-tara.wikipedia sc.wikipedia scn.wikipedia scn.wiktionary vec.wikipedia vec.wikisource #cvn-it-scan CVNBot
CVNBot5 meta.wikimedia #cvn-meta CVNBot
CVNBot6 See SWMT/Groups#Group 1. #cvn-sw CVNBot
CVNBot7 See SWMT/Groups#Group 2. #cvn-sw CVNBot
CVNBot8 See SWMT/Groups#Group 3. #cvn-sw CVNBot
CVNBot9 See SWMT/Groups#Group 4. #cvn-sw CVNBot
CVNBot10 See SWMT/Groups#Group 5. #cvn-sw CVNBot
CVNBot12 nl.wikipedia #cvn-wp-nl CVNBot
CVNBot13 da.wikipedia #cvn-wp-da CVNBot
CVNBot14 commons.wikimedia #cvn-commons CVNBot
CVNBot15 simple.wikipedia simple.wiktionary #cvn-simplewikis CVNBot
CVNBot16 ja.wikibooks ja.wikinews ja.wikipedia ja.wikiquote ja.wikisource ja.wikiversity ja.wiktionary ja.wikivoyage #cvn-ja CVNBot
CVNBot17 de.wikivoyage el.wikivoyage en.wikivoyage es.wikivoyage fr.wikivoyage he.wikivoyage it.wikivoyage nl.wikivoyage pt.wikivoyage ro.wikivoyage ru.wikivoyage sv.wikivoyage uk.wikivoyage vi.wikivoyage zh.wikivoyage #cvn-wikivoyage CVNBot
CVNBot18 wikidata.wikipedia #cvn-wikidata CVNBot
CVNBot19 See SWMT/Groups#Group 6. #cvn-sw CVNBot
CVNBot20 bd.wikimedia bn.wikibooks bn.wikipedia bn.wikisource bn.wikivoyage bn.wiktionary #cvn-bn-scan CVNBot
CVNBot21 mediawiki.wikipedia #cvn-mediawiki CVNBot
CVNBot22 mk.wikibooks mk.wikipedia #cvn-mk-scan CVNBot
CVNBot23 zh.wikibooks zh.wikinews zh.wikipedia zh.wikiquote zh.wikisource zh.wikivoyage zh.wiktionary #cvn-zh-scan CVNBot
CVNBot24 he.wikipedia #cvn-wp-he CVNBot
CVNBot25 ko.wikibooks ko.wikinews ko.wikipedia ko.wikiquote ko.wikisource ko.wikiversity ko.wiktionary #cvn-ko-scan CVNBot
CVNBot26 ar.wikibooks ar.wikinews ar.wikipedia ar.wikiquote ar.wikisource ar.wikiversity ar.wiktionary #cvn-ar-scan CVNBot
CVNBot27 hr.wikipedia #cvn-wp-hr CVNBot
CVNBot28 fr.wikipedia #cvn-wp-fr CVNBot
CVNBot29 es.wikibooks es.wikinews es.wikiquote es.wikisource es.wikiversity es.wikivoyage es.wiktionary #cvn-es-scan CVNBot
CVN-ClerkBot - #countervandalism On all CVN channels CVNClerkBot
Helpmebot - #cvn-wp-en-newpages
Stewardbot - #cvn-sw (possibly others)
LiWa3_1, LiWa3_2, LiWa3_3 - #cvn-sw-spam LinkWatcher


#cvn-unifications SULWatcher
WikiLinkBot - #cvn-wp-nl
WMBot3 - #cvn-sw
wm-bot4 es.wikibooks es.wikinews es.wikiquote es.wikisource es.wikiversity es.wiktionary #cvn-es-scan CVNBot bot request
wRaelBot - #cvn-wp-nl


Inactive channelsEdit

  • #cvn-wp-tr: Monitored with bRCBot (last seen April 2016, operated by Barras).
  • #cvn-wp-sh: Monitored with bRCBot-sh.
  • #cvn-wp-fa
  • #cvn-zh-scan
  • #cvn-wp-pt
  • #cvn-wp-pl
  • #cvn-wp-en-cluenet: Was used internally by Cluekie.
  • #cvn-wt-en
  • #cvn-ws-en
  • #cvn-wb-en
  • #cvn-wt-de
  • #cvn-wn-en
  • #cvn-newpages: Was once used by SWMT for a subset of the #cvn-sw feed.
    1. cvn-blacklist: Was once used to monitor all wikis not monitored elsewhere, for the purposes of broadcasting user-blocks cross-wiki for auto-blacklisting with CVN.
    2. cvn-blocks: No longer used.

Unassigned nicksEdit

  • Cluekie: Was used for #cvn-wp-en (see Cluekie).
  • WikiaRC: Was used for #cvn-wikia, replaced by FurryRC2.

Nick managementEdit

See also NickServ settings.
Account Nicknames Status
CVN-Bots CVNBot1, CVNBot2, CVNBot3, CVNBot4, CVNBot23
Inactive: CVN-Bots
5/5 active
CVN-Bots2 CVNBot5, CVNBot12, CVNBot13, CVNBot14, CVNBot24
Inactive: CVN-Bots2
5/5 active
CVN-Bots3 CVNBot15,CVNBot16, CVNBot21, CVNBot22, CVNBot25
Inactive: CVN-Bots3, SWBot3
5/5 active
CVN-Bots4 CVNBot17, CVNBot18, CVNBot19, CVNBot20, Cubbie
Inactive: CVN-Bots4
5/5 active
CVN-Bots5 CVNBot26, CVNBot27, CVNBot28, CVNBot29
Inactive: CVN-Bots5, CVNBot11
4/5 active
CVN-Bots6 CVNBot6, CVNBot7, CVNBot8, CVNBot9, CVNBot10
Inactive: CVN-Bots6, CVN-SW
5/5 active
Inactive: CVN-Bots7, CVNBot30
0/5 active
CVN-ClerkBot CVN-ClerkBot
cvn-morebots cvn-morebots No longer used
cvn-gc CVNFounder, CVNfounder_wp, CVNfounder_wb, CVNfounder_wn, CVNfounder_ws, CVNfounder_wt, CVNfounder_wv, CVNfounder_wikia, CVNfounder_wq, CVNfounder_mul, cvngc (Manual use only)


CVNBot (previously known as SWMTBot, and sometimes SWBot) is a C# bot originally created by Tangotango and Az1568. It is designed for use in networked or multi-wiki channels. Features include dynamic loading and unloading of wikis and channels, a central configuration file and database, global lists, auto-broadcast of global changes to all other CVNBot instances, and detection of page blanking and replacement using automated MediaWiki summaries. However, per-channel event configuration is not possible.
Computer was the original recent changes filtering bot written as a mIRC script, developed by とある白い猫. It was replaced by pgkbot in 2005.
pgkbot was an IRC recent changes bot developed by pgk in python, and was the primary such bot in use for several years. It was designed for use in one channel, and included a number of customization options such as plugin support, complex event routers, individual lists, individual user name and article title watchlists, detection of page move vandalism, and IP address categories (like open proxies). However, configuration is difficult, it is relatively resource-intensive, the package has not been maintained for several years; it is no longer widely used.
CVNbot (lowercase "b") was a proposed unified bot written in Perl or Python by Pathoschild, intended to facilitate channel network administration and provide edit monitoring, without extraneous features. This bot was discontinued and its name assigned to SWMTBot.