Countervandalism Network/Management

Countervandalism network

The countervandalism network
is a distinct group. It is neither
affiliated with nor managed by the
Wikimedia Foundation.

The countervandalism network is managed by three partially overlapping groups of volunteers. The committee-like system described below was designed to centralize management while diluting authority among a diverse group and distributing access in case of absence.

Group contacts


Contacts elected by senior staff consensus represent the countervandalism channels toward Libera Chat. They resolve channel naming or access level conflicts per consensus among staff members, but do not have special authority beyond their positions as staff.

Current contacts:


Countervandalism staff have access in all countervandalism channels. They coordinate patrollers with bot developers, provide technical assistance with regards to access on restricted channels, appoint or remove local operators, and help local operators maintain order if needed. They are usually consulted when the senior staff make decisions.

Most staff members are also bot developers and/or sysadmins, with have access to our Git repositories or server infrastructure. Any staff may be granted access to infrastructure or countervandalism-related Git repositories as-needed. Typically based on demonstrated technical skills.

Senior staff are the administrating authority. Through senior staff consensus, they set global policy, manage channels and technical details, appoint or remove staff members, arbitrate conflicts between users and local operators, and impose or lift global access restrictions on disruptive users.

Senior staff:

  • Az1568 (AlexZ on, Wikimedia Cloud shell: azariv)
  • Krinkle (Krinkle on, Wikimedia Cloud shell: krinkle)
  • Barras (Barras on, Wikimedia Cloud shell: barras)


Local operators

Local operators have op access on individual channels. They maintain order, manage autovoice access in moderated channels, give restricted bot commands, and perform other channel tasks. (They are listed at Countervandalism Network/Channels.)


Checklist for on-boarding and off-boarding of staff members: