Zusammenarbeit von Wikimedias italienischen regionalen Projekten

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This project aims to unify the community of all Wikimedia's projects in regional languages spoken in Italy, to encourage a greater cooperation between them and a more rapid development of various projects. The project doesn't aim to manage every single wiki, but rather to help the projects involved.

The idea is to create a service portal here on Meta, where all the users of the involved projects can meet to talk about their project, ask specific unresolved questions or give an advice to those who need it. The portal, furthermore, will contain all the important news related to the involved projects (goals reached, achievements, important decisions, etc.) and the most important statistics.

Joining the project does not necessarily mean having to consume further time and energy to devote to it. Each will continue to do their own work in their own wiki, as has always been done. I will provide to update the portal. Ultimately, this project wants to be a help for all participating communities, an attempt to improve the projects, especially those who need it most, perhaps even attracting new contributors, who are the first real problem of these wikis. -- Reder

Was dieses Projekt sein will

  • A service portal available to all participating communities
  • A meeting place where any wikipedian can talk about his project
  • A place where you can ask specific questions or give advices to those who need it
  • A portal updated containing news and statistics from the participating projects
  • A showcase and a help for the projects involved

Was dieses Projekt nicht sein will

  • An entity that wants to control the projects involved
  • A loss of freedom for the participating projects
  • A place where users external to the project can come to impose rules
  • A further commitment or loss of time for participants
  • A further level of bureaucracy

Projects potentially involved

Active projects

  Language   Wikipedia status   Wiktionary status   Wikisource status   Wikibooks status   Wikiquote status   ISO Code
  Korsisch   Open

  Available on Incubator


  Available on Incubator




  Available on Incubator

  Available on Incubator


  Friaulisch   Open
  Available on Incubator
  Ladinisch   Open
  Ligurisch   Open
  Available on Incubator
  Lombardisch   Open
  Neapolitanisch   Open
  Available on Incubator
  Available on Incubator
  Available on Incubator
  Piemontesisch   Open
  Available on Incubator
  Sardisch   Open

  Available on Incubator

  Sizilianisch   Open
  Tarandíne   Open
  Available on Incubator
  Venetisch   Open


Geplanten Aktionen

Nr Geplante Aktion (bearbeiten) Startdatum Freiwilligen-Nutzer (bearbeiten) Enddatum Status
1 To implement the IRC channel #wikipedia-lingueverbinden 7. Januar 2012 Nickanc 10. Dezember 2012   Fertig


  • Interface translation
  • CentralNotice translation
  • other translations
9. Januar 2012 Bitte geben Sie Ihren Namen und Ihre Sprach(en)
3 Support for the projects in the Incubator 10. Januar 2012 Bitte geben Sie Ihren Namen und das/die Projekt (en) von Ihrem Interesse

Support for the projects with:

  • Creating, upgrading and/or importing (if based from other Wikis) Templates and Modules
  • Connect pages of the CWIRP projects on Wikidata (if necessary)
  • Fixing Lint Errors
  • Making Phabricator tasks (if necessary)
14. Oktober 2017 Please insert your name and where you usually base the Templates and Modules from
5 Support for the projects in fighting against vandalism. 2020s Please insert your name


Du kannst die folgende Benutzervorlage auf deiner Benutzerseite hinzufügen, indem du schreibst {{User CWIRP}}:

If you are also an administrator on one or more of these CWIRP projects, there are dedicated administrators userboxes present on the CWIRP template category. If you want to add the administrator userbox on your userpage, you need to type {{User ISO CODE Wikipedia administrator}} (For now, the Wikipedia Administrator templates are the only ones available.)